Working process in Zoho CRM

How to write the message first

Unlike other messengers and social networks, in WhatsApp you can write first. To do this, you only need the client’s phone number.

Create a contact in Zoho CRM and enter the card:


Press the button “Wazzup” in the right top corner:


After that, a chat window will open. Now you can start communicating with client. 

Wazzup chats in Zoho CRM

Wazzup Chats is an additional interface inside CRM with Wazzup dialogs. They can be found in the Lead, Deal and Contact Zoho CRM cards.

There are two types of Wazzup chats: general and individual. Their toolset is the same, but in the general chat you can see all the dialogs, and in the individual one – dialogs with the contacts from the deal.

Individual chat

To send a message to a client from an individual Wazzup chat, go to a lead, contact or deal card. Click on the Wazzup button in the upper right corner.

General chat

General Wazzup chat is a window that contains all dialogs. The toolset is the following:

  • Dialogues with all clients in one window;
  • Unread message counter;
  • Dialog display function – all dialogs or only those in which you are responsible.

To enter the Wazzup chat, press the Wazzup button at the top of the Zoho interface. Please, keep in mind that the button’s position depends on how often you use it. If often, it will be visible at the top panel of the screen. 


If not, click on the ellipsis and find Wazzup in the drop-down list.


When the Wazzup button is pressed you will see chats window. Here you can write to a client with whom you’ve already corresponded.

Wazzup chats functions 

Type a message in text line. To send it, press Enter or click on the airplane symbol.


Filter of displayed dialogs

In step 3 of the integration settings you define which chats will be displayed to each Wazzup user. The default option is “Only my own dialogs and without responsible”.

In the integration settings, you can add a user who will see all dialogs. This can be a department manager or a coordinator. For companies that do not need to divide their dialogs between managers, there is a function “Show all the dialogs to all managers”. Please, pay attention to the fact, that it is quite difficult to track your clients in this mode.


Notifications about unanswered messages

Dialogues in general chat are not arranged in chronological order. At the top positions of Wazzup – clients who have not received a response. It helps to avoid missing a dialog in a common thread.


In Wazzup you don’t have “unread” messages, only “unanswered”. 

In order for the message notification to disappear, you need to reply to the client or press the “no reply required” button. No dialog with a client that hasn’t been replied to can be missed from the list of dialogs by inattention.


When no unanswered messages left in the dialog, symbol will transform to a green arrow. 


Information about recipients and outgoing channels

In the chat you can see to which channel in Wazzup the message from the client came and from which channel the answer was sent. You can set the channel name in channel settings.

If you have more than one channel connected, you can choose from which channel to reply. The outgoing channel switcher is located in the lower right corner.

Group chats

Group chats are only displayed in your personal account and in Wazzup chats.

Anyone who has access to the chat window can see them. By default, group chats are not displayed. You can enable the display in the integration settings.

And, vice versa, you can’t disable the display of group chats in chat rooms of your personal account. You can always find them there.

Group chats don’t create a separate contact or transaction and aren’t bound to them. Messages from group chats will not be displayed in the cards.


Message status

In Wazzup chat rooms you can see the states of a message, they’re similar to WhatsApp. One grey tick means sent; two grey tick – delivered; two green tick – read. The waiting animation means that the message is being processed. If this status persists for more than two minutes, please, contact the support.



In the Wazzup chat you can send a reply to WhatsApp with a quote from the client. To do this, click on the arrow to the right of the incoming message. After that, type the text and send it.


Fast switching between contacts

In Wazzup chat you can quickly navigate through the deals cards, including completed ones. The button is inside the dialog. To open a page in a new tab, press Ctrl before clicking on the required section.


Creating a new deal from Wazzup chat

To create a new deal with a contact in it, press the button with the image of a suitcase. Press “Add new”.



Wazzup chat supports native WhatsApp emoji. Click on the icon in the bottom left corner to open a tab with all the emoticons.



In the bottom left corner of the panel there is a button with the image of a paper clip. It is used for sending files. The file size limit is 50 Mb.

Besides files and pictures from the client it is possible to receive geomarks in the form of a link to googlemaps, voice messages and contact cards in the form of text.

Please, pay attention. If you send the link from your smartphone, it will be converted to preview format. But if you send the link from CRM, the format will not change.


Message templates

You can create message templates in your personal Wazzup account. They help to reduce the time of reply to the client, to save managers from writing similar messages manually, to exclude errors or misprints. It is possible to attach media up to 50 Mb to the template. Use ready-made messages to explain the travel plan, send prices, instructions.

You can send the template in 3 clicks. Click the button in the lower left part of the customer dialogue panel – three lines. Select the required template from the list. Send a message:


The client will receive a message with prepared text and all attachments:


Notifications in Zoho CRM

Define who will receive SalesSignals about new messages in the settings. This can be anyone who has access to chats, the always-responsible employee appointed, and others responsible if online.

A bell – notification symbol – is in the right top angle of the Zoho interface. At each new message, an indicator will appear next to this symbol with the number of unread messages together with other CRM notifications. 


If you have a message that needs to be answered, click on the bell and choose the client’s name:


There will be chats list in the new window. Press “Open chat” and write a message in Wazzup: