Integration with Zoho CRM

Integration with Wazzup can be added by:

— Zoho CRM users of Enterprize, Ultimate, Plus, One tariffs;

— users of Zoho One or other Zoho products, which include Zoho CRM with the functionality of Enterprize, Ultimate, Plus tariffs.

Set up integration

Enter your account in Wazzup and choose the “Settings” in the left menu. 


Choose “Integration”.


Press the “Add an integration” button at the top of the interface. 


In the window appeared click on Zoho CRM.


After this step, the service will suggest you type the URL-address of your Zoho account. Copy your URL and press the “Connect” button. 


You will receive a link for authentication. Please, follow the link. 

In the data access confirmation page click “Accept”.


Wazzup will notify you that the integration is successfully added. 


Set up Wazzup extension for Zoho CRM

You can find a link to install the Wazzup extension for Zoho in the notification about successful integration. 


The link will redirect you to Zoho CRM. Sign Terms of Service and agreement on Zoho data access and press “Continue”.


Choose the users who will have access to the Wazzup extension in your account. Press “Confirm”.


The extension is ready for work. Now you need to configure an integration.