Configuring Integration with Zoho CRM

Log in to your Wazzup account to configure the integration. 

The settings items are located on the right side of the interface. At the top there are buttons for making changes to the integration.

Click “Save changes” to make the changes work. If you have changed something in your Zoho account, click “Update data from Zoho”. To remove integration, click “Remove integration”.

1. Integrations channels

Channel is the phone number you use to connect to Zoho CRM. 

Select the channels you’d like to work with: 

2. Accessing channels in Wazzup chats window

Give managers access to the channels so that they can communicate with clients. To select certain employees, click “Add”. To give access to all employees to all channels – press “Add everyone everywhere”. 

2.1 Outgoing WhatsApp channel for each manager

Determine from which channel you will send messages to new clients. To do this, press the blue button and select the required channel for each manager in the drop-down list.


3. Wazzup chats

Wazzup chat is a shared window for all dialogs. 

Choose which messages you want to see and to whom. By default, Wazzup Chat uses the “Show only my own dialogues” option. Use “Show all the dialogs to all employees” when the client is not assigned to a particular manager and different managers may communicate with him.

If there are more than 2 managers working in the company, check the box next to the option – “Show only my own dialogues”. Each manager will have only those contacts in the cards of which he is “responsible”.

If you choose “Show only my own dialogues” — an additional item 3.1 will appear to select a user who sees all dialogs.

3.1 Who sees all the dialogues

Select a user who will see absolutely all dialogs. This can be a department head or a boss.

4. Group chats

Group chats are only displayed in your personal cabinet and in Wazzup chats.

They can be seen by anyone who has access to the window with chats. By default, the display of group chats in Wazzup chats is disabled.

Conversely, in the “chat rooms” in your personal account you can not disable the display of group chats. You can always see them there.

Group chats do not create a separate contact or transaction and are not bound to them. Messages from the group chats will not be displayed in the cards.

5. Upon message from new client, create…

In this item you can specify what will be automatically created at a new incoming message from the client — a lead, a contact or a contact and a transaction. If you disabled one of these modules in Zoho, it will be disabled in the integration settings.

If you receive messages from phone numbers that are already in your database — no new leads or contacts will be created, and all correspondence will be attached to existing leads or contacts. If one contact has two or more deals opened – the correspondence will be saved in all the deals simultaneously.

If you choose to create at a new message “Contact and deal” — an additional point of settings 5.1 will appear, where you can assign for each channel a certain stage, in which the deal will be created.

5.1 Pipeline/stage for create new deals

After the client sends a new request for the selected channel — the deal will be created in the selected pipeline at the selected stage. In this transaction your chat with the client will be created, and also the history of correspondence will be stored.

Click on the down arrow to select a funnel. An additional menu with steps from your CRM will open:

6. Assign responsible for new Lead/Contact/Deal

Assign those responsible for new referrals. Add responsible managers for each channel by clicking on the “Add” button, or all at once by clicking on the “Add everyone everywhere” button. 

Then distribute the load among managers equally or increase the load for experienced managers. The “Remove all” button deletes everyone from everywhere. If you need to remove a specific manager from the list – hover over the name and delete with a red cross.

If you do not specify anyone in this item, the system will automatically set up an integration administrator.

The load expressed by a number shows how many new requests will be sent to each manager.  Specify the load in the field opposite the manager’s name.

Here we can see that same manager will receive 4 out of 10 requests from one channel and 9 out of 10 from the other.

This setting is an opportunity to motivate the best managers and give them more requests, or vice versa to reduce the load for new employees who work slower than other employees.

7. Save dialogues in Zoho CRM

From this point on, select whether to save the correspondence to a league card, contact card and transaction.

“Save” — the correspondence will be saved as records in the cards of lida, contact and transaction. Each message – a separate entry. 

“Don’t save” — the correspondence will be shown only in Wazzup chats. 

8. SalesSignals about a new incoming message

Notifications of incoming messages can be sent to the responsible manager or disabled at all. In this item, select the option that suits you.

9. Creating inbox tasks

An incoming unanswered message in Zoho creates a task that will remind managers to respond to the received message. 

The task will be automatically deleted as soon as the manager replies to the message or resets the unread message counter.

10. Notifications about incoming messages in the Cliq chat

If you use Cliq chat rooms and want to receive notifications about new messages there, select the “Send” function.

If you select “Send”, an additional option will appear, where you can select where you want to receive notifications.

10.1 Incoming messages notifications

Select where you want to receive notifications in Cliq:

“Always in group chat” — notifications will be visible to everyone who has access to them.

“Always to responsible” — only the responsible manager will receive notifications.

“To responsible, if it’s online” — if the manager is offline, notifications will be received in the group chat.