Write first to the Open channel via SMS imitation

To write to the client first in WhatsApp via the Open Channel, you need to send a message via an imitation SMS. All you need is the customer’s phone number. The SMS text will not be sent to anyone, and the correspondence can be continued in the Open Channel chat.

1. Go to a lead, deal or contact.

2. Select “SMS” from the menu on the right.

3. Click “More” in the same window.

4. Select “[WAZZUP] Wazzup SMS” under “using”. If you do not have this option, click “Update data from Bitrix24” in the upper right corner in the integration settings in your Wazzup personal account.

5. Write an SMS and send it. SMS text will not be sent to the user. We do not send it on purpose for the notifications to work correctly.

6. Go to the Open Channel chat by clicking the button in the lower right corner of the notification.

7. Click “Reply” and send your message.

8. Done — you have created a chat in the Open Channel via SMS imitation and sent a message.