Working with incoming requests in WZ

Wazzup implements two principally differences from WhatsApp’s logic. These are aimed at making processing of incoming requests by the managers or the support of the company more user-friendly and straightforward.

Chats sorting

In Wazzup, all chats with unanswered messages are always put at the top of the list. The second level of sorting is by date and time of the last message in a chat. The purpose of this sorting is not to lose unprocessed clients in the stream of new requests. After resetting the counter of unanswered messages, the dialogue is moved lower according to the rules of the second level of sorting.

Unanswered messages counter

This counter shows the number of unanswered messages in every chat, but in contrast to the standard WhatsApp counter, viewing the messages does not reset the counter. It can only be reset after a conscious action has been performed with this specific chat, for example, answering the client or pressing the “No reply needed” button. This function lets you keep track of clients’ requests when you enter a chat but then, for some reason, leave it without answering.

Both function are aimed at making the processing of incoming messages more productive. This is the “empty inbox” method. Do not reset the counter if you need to return to the client later and if try to leave no message unanswered.