Working with channels in Planfix

When integrating with Wazzup, you can work with several channels at the same time.

How to add a channel to Planfix

To add a channel, go to your account settings:

A settings menu will appear on the left side. Choose «Интеграции» (“Integrations”) → «Мессенджеры» (“Messengers”) → «WhatsApp» (“WhatsApp”):

A menu to choose your integration will open. Click the cog symbol under Wazzup logo to go to the settings:

Add the channels in the “Connected channels” row. You can input the numbers in any familiar format: with +7, 7, or 8. They should all be linked to WhatsApp. To delete a channel, click the cross icon.

After adding your channels, click “Save”.

Working with channels

To write to a contact you have not previously had communication with, you can use any channel you prefer. To do this, open the “Contacts” tab. Choose the user and channel you want to create a task from.

When writing a message, fill in the mandatory fields: the name and the task description. Additional fields to be filled if needed are the time limits, the ones responsible, the attachments etc. The task description text will be sent as a message to the recipient in WhatsApp. If the contact replies, this message will be reflected in a comment to the task.

You can choose the channel to use only if you are writing to the client for the first time. You cannot change it during communication. If the dialogue has already been started, Planfix will not show the list to choose the outgoing phone number from. You will only be presented one channel: the one you have written from initially.

If you need to change the channel of communication, go to the task, delete it and create it again.

Creating tasks in different channels

When you write to a client first from one channel but this client later reaches out using another one, such a client will have 2 tasks created for them. Both will be reflected in their contact card:

The communication for each of the tasks is maintained through the channel it has been started on.

What happens if you delete a channel

All the tasks from the deleted channel are retained in the system. If you later create a new channel for the same number, all the incoming messages will come in to the already existing chats. Outgoing messages will also be sent from the old task. If a channel has been deleted and then you create another one with another number, then the client will not be able to send messages to the already existing tasks. It is also be impossible to send messages from a deleted channel.


The “Tasks” tab shows all the dialogues you have. If a contact has written you first, the system will name it automatically. This name includes:

  • the name of the contact itself;
  • the message transport;
  • the service for integration;
  • the number of the channel the message came in to.

If you are the first to write to a client, you specify this full name automatically.