Working in amoCRM


To begin working, go to a deal and click the contact’s number. The “whatsappWZ” button will create a chat with the client. The same button also allows to begin a dialogue with the client in the amoCRM mobile application. For now, we do not have the technical capability to remove the button duplication. Both buttons are functional.

After pressing the “whatsappWZ” button, the chat will be created automatically; no notification will appear. If you created the chat by pressing the “Write in WhatsApp” button, using Webhook, the system will notify you that the chat has been created.

You can start communicating with the client in the same window.

You can send files up to 50 MB.

The native chat has message statuses analogous to WhatsApp. “Sent” is analogous to one gray tick; received – two dray ticks; read – two blue ticks.

Here is what the statuses look like in the native chat:

Message statuses in the native chat can have a delay of 5-10 seconds. This is due to the speed which amoCRM itself handles statuses at. In the Wazzup chat, message statuses are handled instantly.


Working with Instagram linking is similar to WhatsApp, but there are a few differences:

  • On Instagram, you cannot write first;
  • You cannot see message statuses (always one tick);
  • You cannot reply to a direct message using quotes because Instagram does not have this functionality.

After a client has sent you a direct message or commented on your post, a card will be created and a system message will be sent:

Comments to posts are sent to you with the link to the post itself:

You can reply to comments by quoting from the Wazzup chat:

In the Instagram interface, it will look like this:

Reading files from message text in the amoCRM native chat

There is a native function in amoCRM to send images one at a time. Wazzup allows you to send images, video, audio, and documents by enclosing the links to them into square brackets. Wazzup reads these links and sends their contents to WhatsApp. Files more than 10 MB in size are sent as a download link.

How to send a file using text in the native chat:

  • Upload the file to a publicly available location (a public website, Yandex.Disk, Google Drive);
  • Open access to it;
  • Copy the file’s URL;
  • Send the link to it in a message in the amoCRM native chat enclosed in [square brackets].

This is what a message with an image sent from the amoCRM native chat will look like: The link to the image is enclosed in square brackets which means that it needs to be decoded.

This is what the message will look like in the WhatsApp chat:

Dialogues counter

In the channels settings, there is the dialogues counter. It tracks all unique dialogues with outgoing messages within an hour.

The counter only accounts for the dialogues which you have responded in. If you are using your smartphone for communication, the counter will register the dialogues with outgoing messages when duplicating the dialogues to the CRM. For example, suppose you are using the “Pro” plan with the limit of up to 20 active dialogues an hour. When the number of active dialogues exceeds the limit, you will not be able to send outgoing messages until the next hour.

Using the counter, you are able to assess the activity of your channels and understand which of the plans better suits your company.