Webhook from Digital Pipeline

Webhook is a mechanism to notify the system about the events in your CRM. This is the only way to start a dialogue with a client in WhatsApp if you have not had one before. A contact can be included into amoCRM manually – via phone communication or by submitting an application on the website. Add webhook for the funnel which your clients without a chat are forwarded to.

To add webhook in step 9 of integration settings, choose the channel which a chat with the client be created in after they get into the funnel. If you do not choose a channel in the settings, the system will notify you about the mistake when sending a message.

You can choose to always send messages to new chats with clients from the same channel and assign each of your employees their own outgoing channel in step 4.1 of integration settings:

In the “Leads” section, open the “Setup pipeline” and click on the free space in the funnel where contacts without a chat in WhatsApp go.

In the “Widgets” settings, find “Wazzup” in the list and click “Add”.

A window will appear. Choose the action which will trigger webhook and then enter your automatic message. If you want webhook to work with the clients already in the funnel too, check the box next to the “Apply the trigger to the existing deals in the status” option.

Now when a deal moves from the funnel with clients who do not have a chat to the “Negotiations”, a new chat will be created and the message will be sent.

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