Wazzup Referral Partner Program

Referral partner program is a way to make money by attracting new clients to use our service. You attract new clients – we reward you 20% of what they spend. The client tops up their Wazzup account, and you get rewarded based on cash-back principle. The money is transferred to partners’ accounts every calendar month for a year after the referred client’s signing up.

For a client to count as one referred by you, they should sign up using your link or promo code. You can find the link in the “Affilate” section. Copy it and send it to the client. If your client has used the link but left the site without signing up, we still have the cookies which are stored for a month. When your client visits the site again, be it via a search engine, direct link or any other method, he or she will still be indicated as your referral.

Views, leads, signing up (as well as any other intermediate steps before the payment itself) are not rewarded. We only count referred clients who have payed for using the service.

Full rules of the referral partner program can be found in the “Rules” section of your account.