Wazzup chats for amoCRM

Wazzup chats are an additional interface inside your CRM containing Wazzup dialogues. They are located in deal cards and in the bottom left corner of amoCRM.

In amoCRM, only users of Advanced and Enterprise plans can add the Wazzup chat. A chat can be general or individual. The set of tools available for them has no differences from the other chats, but the general chat allows you to see all the dialogues while the individual one only shows the dialogues with the contacts present in the deal.

The individual Wazzup chat is located on the right part of the panel in the deal card and looks like this:

The card includes all the dialogues with all the contacts included in the deal. This means that there could be one dialogue or many.

The general Wazzup chat is located in the bottom left corner:

In the chat, you can see which dialogues need manager’s reply. Every dialogue has the number of unread messages indicated next to it. The icon shows which channel the chat is conducted trough – Instagram or WhatsApp. In step 5 or integration configuration, you specify which chats will be displayed for every Wazzup user. By default, the “Only my own dialogues and dialogues from ‘Unsorted'” option is used. During integration configuration, you can add an administrator who will be able to see all the dialogues. This can be the department lead or coordinator. Companies that do not need their dialogues to be separated between employees, there is the “”Show all dialogues to all employees” function. Tracking your clients using this mode is quite difficult.

A message is considered read if a manager replied to it or used the button to reset the unread messages counter. If a dialogue does not have any unread messages left, the icon will be changed to a green arrow.

In Wazzup chats, you can see message statuses analogous to WhatsApp. One gray tick means “sent”; two grey ticks mean “received”; two green ticks mean “read”. The waiting animation means that the message is being processed. If this status persists for more than two minutes, please, contact the support.

Inside the card, there is a function to quickly jump between the client’s deals. You can also create a new deal for the client inside the dialogue. To open a page in a new tab, hold Ctrl before clicking the target deal.

Wazzup chats support native WhatsApp emoji (smileys):

The other elements at the panel:

  • The paper clip is used to send files. File size limit is 50 MB.
  • The three lines are used to apply templates.

To create a template, go to the “Message templates” section of Wazzup account settings.

A window will appear. Put the template’s name into it (only you will be able to see it). Put the text you would like to use into the message field. You can also attach a file or use an emoji. When adding multiple images at once, you can change their order by dragging them with a mouse.

The resulting message will be displayed in the templates list. You are then able to delete or edit it if you need.

To send a template, go to the chats or return to the CRM.

As a result, your client will receive a message similar to the following, with all the attachments: