Variables in Salesbot

Salesbot variables allow you to automatically populate your message templates with data retrieved from amoCRM. Using a variable, you can substitute a contact’s name, number or ID, a deal’s ID, amount, date, tag, etc. in your text.

How to declare a variable in Salesbot

A variable is a command enclosed with two curly brackets from both sides. You need to use it during the Salesbot creation stage in the message input field.

If you have entered a contact’s name in a card and want the bot to address your client by their name, insert the {{contact.name}} variable into the text:

When sending the message, the {{contact.name}} variable will be replaced with the contact’s name.

Common variables and actions

Contact name{{contact.name}}, {{name}}
Deal ID{{lead.id}}
Contact ID{{contact.id}}
Customer ID{{customer.id}}
Deal source (telegram, vk, viber, facebook){{origin}}
The message from the client in the answer logical block{{message_text}}
Setting a custom deal field value
(use the additional field id instead of #custom_field_id#)
Setting a custom contact field value
(use the additional field id instead of #custom_field_id#)
Setting a custom company field value
(use the additional field id instead of #custom_field_id#)
The name of the employee responsible for the deal{{lead.responsible.name}}
The e-mail of the responsible employee{{lead.responsible.email}}
The e-mail if it is present in the client's text{{message_text.email}}
The phone if it is present in the client's text{{message_text.phone}}
The deal's budget{{lead.price}}
Current date{{current_date}}

Where to find the additional field’s id?

From a card

Open any deal and press “Setup”:

Fields settings will open. Click on the field you need to open its settings. In the upper left corner, there will be this field’s ID:

From the console

Open any deal or contact and find the field you would like to use a value from.

Right-click the field and choose “Inspect” or “View source”:

A window will open containing the code of the chosen field. Find CFV*. The contents of the square brackets are the field id you need.

*CFV — custom field value.

To set the value of a contact’s or deal’s custom field, replace the #custom_field_id# with the id itself.