The “Phone not available” channel status

Wazzup operates using WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp Web can function only if the application on the phone is available. If the phone is not online, the following message appears in WhatsApp Web:

This message is then transferred to Wazzup as the “Phone not available” channel status:

That status keeps our service from transmitting and receiving messages from WhatsApp servers. We cannot change this behavior because it is a feature of WhatsApp. When the connection is restored, all the messages will be propagated both ways and nothing will be lost.

To notify your users in a timely manner that the phone is not available, we have devised the “Notifications for curators” feature.

A “curator” is any person who monitors the Wazzup service’s working process in your company. After a user adds themself as a curator in the notification settings, the notifications about channels’ statuses will be sent to WhatsApp to this user’s number.

The reasons why a phone can go offline:

  1. The battery has died;
  2. The Internet connection has been lost, both for mobile networks and Wi-Fi;
  3. The application has “gone to sleep”.

The first two are easy to solve: just connect the phone to a charger and find a reliable Wi-Fi; or you can make your life easier by just using the “Handset Hosting” subscription.

This hosting service includes maintaining your channel’s availability. The physical phone with your channel will be located in the Wazzup office.

The third reason has its own considerations and variants based on the model of the device and its settings.

The phone and all its applications can go to sleep 30 seconds after you put it away. And to restore the connection with the service, it sometimes takes up to 10 minutes (this is how WhatsApp Web works). Thus, the service will never get connected, and you should not let it happen!

Configure your phone so that WhatsApp does not go to sleep. Below are a few configuration options. If your phone does not have these exact menu items, you should look for similar ones.

Old Android phones: Settings → Display → Sleep → Never.

Modern Android phones:

  • Settings → Battery & Performance → Power → Battery Saver → Disable the “Monitor background processes” function;
  • Settings → Apps → WhatsApp (WhatsApp Business) → Battery Saver → Choose the “No restrictions” function;
  • Settings → Apps → WhatsApp (WhatsApp Business) → Other permissions → Enable the “Start in background” function.

iOS: by default, all installed applications can update their content in the background and do not have the option to “go to sleep”. Still, you can check and switch off some of your applications.

Settings → General → Background App Refresh → WhatsApp (WhatsApp Business) → Click the toggle so that it becomes green.


See also: “Notifications for curators”, “Handset Hosting”