Wazzup official partner program

We invite integrators, marketers and site developers to join our official partner program. Promote Wazzup among your clients and get 35% of what they spend. Apart from that, you will have two free channels for each of your two free accounts when using the “Max” pricing plan. Official partner program does not exclude the referral program but complements it. You can use both the official way as well as your links from the referral program.

Official partner status

First of all, sign up using your Wazzup account. To get the official partner status, you will need to fill in the application form on our site. To apply, you will need your account number. After processing your application, we will contact you.

How to add a client

If you get the official partner status, a new tab called “Clients” will appear in your Wazzup account’s “Affiliate” section. It contains a data table. The table will display all your clients and referrals from the moment you’ve received the official partner status. The table will display all your clients and referrals from the moment you’ve received the official partner status. Already existing clients can be added through Wazzup support. In the same section, you will add all new clients whom you connect to the service. Press the “Add client” button.

A window will open to input the client’s details:administrator’s e-mail in the client’s account, company name, currency and account language.

The ID in the clients table is clickable – it will take you to a relevant client configuration area where you can view channels and configure integrations. This client account page looks almost the same as your own account page. Your browser’s address bar will tell you that it’s the client’s account that you are in: the address contains the client’s ID.

Working with a partner account

Only official partners have the “Refill partner account” button in their account. Partner account is not the same as your regular Wazzup account. We separated the personal and partner accounts for one simple reason: partners need the way to withdraw the money they earn as well as the ability to pay for their clients’ accounts. You can refill your partner account via PayPal.

A window to refill your partner account will appear. Input the refill amount, and you will be redirected to the PayPal payment processing page.

You can also pay using a bank transfer via Wazzup support. The minimum amount is 250 euro. In both cases, the money goes to your partner account, not to your personal account.

How to get your commission and refill your client’s account: example

A client wants to add 1440 euro to their Wazzup account balance. You receive this money using any method you prefer and then put aside your 35% – 504 euro.
Then you send the rest to your partner account. 936 euro have been received by the account. You will see the new incoming payment (deposit) in you “Partner Account” tab.

Then, use the table to find the client who has paid for their account. You should copy their ID, go to your partner account and use the ID to send this client the sum they have paid to you, which is 14400. The discount will be applied automatically, so your partner account will only be charged 936 Euro, and the client will get 14400 added to their account.

A new “Withdrawal” row will appear in your partner account, and the client will see a deposit in their account.

Two free channels

The clients table will already contain one row named “Demo account”. You can add your free channel to this account. This is a part of partners’ bonuses: they get two free channels in two accounts.

Every day, 5 euro will be deducted from the balance – and then returned. These transactions can be seen in the “Finances” section. The balance of free channels never decreases.

This bonus for every new partner is active for the first 30 days after the partner connects to the program. For every 5 Euro added to the partner account, the free period is prolonged for a day, but no more than 90 days. The free period is prolonged after your account is refilled. You can see the number of compensated days in the “Partner Account” tab of your “Affiliate” section:

If you need more than one channel for each of the accounts, they will be 35% cheaper than usual.

As you can see, the Partner Program is a friendly relationship between Wazzup and its clients. However, we ask you to follow a set of rules within this relationship. You can find these rules in the “Rules” tab of your “Affiliate” section.