Salesbot errors

Why does the bot send multiple messages?

Sometimes Salesbot sends multiple messages to the same user. This is because a specific client has multiple “chats” created for them, so the bot cannot understand that these are all linked to the same contact.

If the problem already exists:

  1. Remove the contact from the deal and delete it;
  2. Create a new contact;
  3. Link it to the deal card;
  4. Create a chat with the contact by pressing the «whatsappWZ» button only once.

Salesbot sends messages to all applications of the deal

Salesbot does not know where to write and where not to write, so it sends messages to all applications that are added to the deal.

For example, a client on several applications will receive messages with a survey on the work of a manager. This can annoy him. And if he still evaluates the manager’s work in each of the applications, then this will give incorrect statistics in CRM. To avoid this, detach unnecessary applications from the deal.

To unpin applications from the deal, click on the application icon under the client’s name → “Detach chat”.

All information will remain in the contact and will be detached only from the selected deal.