Price plans

Features available for any of the price plans

  • API;
  • Technical support;
  • Message statuses;
  • Sending and receiving files (videos, images, documents);
  • Personal account with settings;
  • Integration fine-tuning (new requests distribution, automatic deal creation etc.);
  • Administrator notification about channel status changes and WhatsApp balance operations;
  • amoCRM and Bitrix24 interface addons;
  • Message templates in Wazzup interface;
  • Native smileys (emoji) for WhatsApp;
  • The ability to create deals and switch among them without leaving the dialogue.

The “Start” price plan

Suits small companies with a workload of 20-30 new leads a day. No capability to be the first to write to new clients. Works fine for processing incoming requests in CRM.

In some companies, employees are often on business trips, so they communicate with clients via WhatsApp as a native phone application. They use the service only to have the message history stored in CRM cards. This way, their superiors can monitor their communications withe clients, and the employees themselves will not lose track of any necessary information. If you are planning to use Wazzup in a similar fashion, then we recommend using the “Start” price plan.

The “Pro” price plan

Suits a company that has 3-5 employees working with clients. The maximum load per channel is up to 20 active chats an hour.

We only count the dialogues you have responded in as active. Dialogues without outgoing messages are not counted. If the limit of active dialogues in an hour has been exceeded, we will send a notification to your administrator in WhatsApp.

If you are using your smartphone for communication, the counter will register the dialogues with outgoing messages when duplicating the dialogues to the CRM. Using the counter, you are able to assess the activity of your channels and understand which of the plans better suits your company.

The “Max” price plan

This price plan will suit big companies experiencing large streams of requests and communications through Instagram and/or WhatsApp channels. Both the features and the load per channel are not limited.

When automating, significant channel loads occur. If you are planning using automation in Bitrix24 or SalesBot in amoCRM, we suggest you choose the “Max” price plan. We only consider using incoming messages bots as automation, not using bulk messaging. Bulk messaging leads to being banned for spam, and Wazzup is not responsible for these.

Methods of price plan payments for each connected channel

The “Subscription” option means that you are paying for each channel for a specific duration of 1, 6, 12, or 24 months. In this case, the price per channel will become relatively lower as you choose longer durations.

The current pricing can be found on Wazzup24 site or in your personal account at Settings → Finances → Subscriptions.