Preparing your phone for Wazzup

To work with Wazzup, you will need a phone with the WhatsApp app.

The phone must always be switched on and online. If the phone disconnects or it turns off, the incoming and outcoming messages sending will stop or slow down. If there is no connection for more than five minutes, we will send an alert. In any case, after the restoration of communication, all messages will reach both sides.

You can read and respond to messages from your phone, but you can’t use WhatsApp Web or the desktop app. If you scan the QR code for the number that the channel is linked to, your channel will stop working and switch to the “Open somewhere else” status. To restore operation, click on the “Enable here” button.

We consider as the most reliable option this one:

  1. Take an old unnecessary smartphone.
  2. Buy a new SIM card (the cheapest one, do not forget to ask to disconnect all possible paid services and packages).
  3. Put the sim card in the phone, register a new WhatsApp account.
  4. Register this number as a channel in Wazzup.
  5. On the phone, turn off the sound, vibration and all notifications so it does not distract or irritate anyone.
  6. On the phone, turn on both wifi and mobile Internet — in case the wi-fi turns off.
  7. Put the phone on charge, under reliable wi-fi and within the reach of you and your mobile operator. Let this phone be used only to work with the service.
  8. Set up auto payment for your SIM card.
  9. Once every 2 months, make a call or send an SMS from this number, so that operators do not block the SIM card as “unused”.
  10. Set up forwarding of voice calls to the phone on which you communicate by voice. As a last resort, set up a voice greeting or auto-reply: “Call this number” or “We accept requests, complaints and wishes in WhatsApp — send us a message.”

You can use your regular phone, but it must always be on and online.