Notifications for curator

A “curator” is any person who monitors the Wazzup service’s working process in your company. After a user adds themself as a curator in the notification settings, the notifications about channels’ statuses will be sent to WhatsApp to this user’s number. The service will inform you if a certain channel stops working or, conversely, becomes active again. You can find out more about channels’ statuses in this article.

More than one curators can be added. This way, you can distribute the responsibility or exclude notifications about the channels you are not interested in.

To add and configure notifications, enter the “Account Settings” section of your Wazzup account.

Adding a curator

In the account settings, choose the “Notifications” tab and press the “Add Number” button.

The number addition window will appear. In the window, input the name and the number that will be used to send notifications about the statuses of your Instagram and WhatsApp channels.

For such notifications, use a number connected to WhatsApp. The service cannot send notifications about channels’ statuses to other messengers or using SMS. If the number is already being used in Wazzup channels, you will not be able to add it.

Curators will be displayed below, in the “Numbers with enabled notifications list” block. If your company has several subdivisions and uses different channels, add a separate curator for each of the subdivisions.

Channels distribution

When pressing the “Add all for everyone” button, all curators will be added to all registered channels for notifications.

When pressing the “Remove all for everyone” button, all curators will have all their channels for notifications removed.

To add specific channels to each of your curators, use the “Add” button. After pressing the button, a drop-down will appear with a list off all registered channels. Choose the ones that are needed.

After you assign a channel to a curator, the “Channels” settings section will have its notifications string status changed to “Enabled”.

To remove a curator or change their name, hover the cursor over the string with the number and the name. A pencil icon (signifying editing) and a cross icon (signifying deletion) will appear. Only the name of a curator can be edited. The number cannot be edited: you can only delete the number and add a new one.

Channel statuses notifications

Critical statuses are the statuses that demand an action performed by users. For example, if you receive a notification about the “Scan the QR code” status, then the integration will be restored only after you rescan the QR code. Critical statuses notifications cannot be configured. The same is true for the “Opened somewhere else” and “Not paid” statuses.

You cannot choose any specific critical statuses to receive notifications for. You can only enable or disable notifications for the “Phone not available” status:

If your employees go to business trips or travel far from the main company building for any other reason, the number used as a WhatsApp channel can sometimes be out of range. In this case, the number is assigned the “Phone not available” status. Remove the tick next to this status in the notifications settings to not receive notifications about these statuses. And vice versa, if your employees are always in the office and your WhatsApp channel is on a phone with a stable internet connection, you should leave this tick on. Notifications about your channel being unavailable will help you to solve this type of problems in a timely manner.

Integration status notifications

Notifications about integration state is the function that can’t be turned off. When integration doesn’t work, user need immediate actions to restore it.

If problems with integration have started, curator will receive a link to enter the personal account.

Authorize in your account and then enter the account settings. Delete an integration you have a problem with in integration section. Set up the integration again. 

See also: how to set up integration with amoCRM, Bitrix24, PlanFix, Megaplan.

Finance notifications

Account balance notifications are sent to the curators who the “Finances” channel is assigned to. The role of a finance curator can be assigned both to a separate person and to the curator monitoring all the notifications.

If you have an accountant in your company, assign this role to them to avoid unnecessary notifications and facilitate the operation of the accounting.

Notifications are sent to WhatsApp and the e-mail you specified when signing up. The notifications to top up your balance are sent 3 days before the subscription expires, then 1 day before this date, and finally, on the expiration date itself.