Install Wazzup application manually in Bitrix24

Install the Wazzup application manually if it is not displayed in Bitrix.Market.

1. Go to the “Applications” section on the left panel of Bitrix24 → “Developer resources” in the top panel.

2. Go to “Other” → “Local application”

3. Insert “https://integrations.wazzup24.com/bitrix/connect” into the “Your handler path” field and enter “Wazzup” in the “Menu item text English (en)” field.

4. Add ten rights at the bottom of the window in the “Customize Rights” field:

  • Application embedding
  • CRM
  • Creating and managing Chat bots
  • Users
  • Chat and Notifications
  • Open Channels
  • Contact center
  • Messaging service
  • Instant system messages

If you skip even one of the items, the application will not work.

5. Click “Save”. Do not close this window – you will need to copy “client_id” and “client_secret” from it.

6. Go to the “Integrations” section in the Wazzup personal account settings.

7. Click on the “Add Integration” button → “Bitrix24”.

8. Click “Install manually” in the lower right corner.

9. Insert “client_id” and “client_secret” → “Connect”.

10. Done — you’ve installed the Wazzup app manually. In Bitrix24, the application will be located in “Applications” → “Developer resources” → “Integrations”, rather than in installed applications.