Integration with Cubics CRM

Before starting the integration, add a WhatsApp channel to your Wazzup account. You can find out how to do it here.

Open the Wazzup window. Go to integrations settings and press the “Add integration” button:

A window will appear. Choose “API integration”.

Choose the “I need to get web hooks” option.

Open a new tab in your browser and go to your Cubics CRM profile.

Go to your Cubics CRM settings. Choose the “Integrations” section. Find the Wazzup tab and press “Install”.

A window will open. Copy the web hook’s address into it. Do not close the window. You will need to fill it in after obtaining the API key.

Go back to your Wazzup account. Insert the address you have copied into line, as in the screenshot. Press “Connect”:

After connecting, a window will appear containing the API key. Copy the key:

Go to your integration settings in Cubics CRM and insert the API key:

Then fill in the Wazzup ID field. Here, you need to provide the number shown in the upper left corner of your Wazzup account. Enter the number without the hyphen:

Below, provide the number of the channel you are planning to work with, as well as the employee in charge. Click “Save”.

In Cubics CRM, go to the “Messages” section and press the “Wazzup” button. The integration has now been set up.