Integration with Bitrix24

We’ve tried to make this article as easy as it could probably be, please notice, that before connecting to Bitrix you should create a channel. Here is an article about the channels, and here is how to create one.

Our application is in the Bitrix24 marketplace. If you do not have our application in the marketplace (this could happen if you have for example Ukrainian localization), we have a separate article about how to install the app manually.

Attention: our application works correctly only via a “new” lead card or contact. How to check and switch these ones is explained in a separate short article. If everything is ok, lets continue.

The easiest way is to find the app is clicking on the “Applications” on the left panel, then “search” and finally “Wazzup”:


If you don’t see the app in the marketplace, install the Wazzup application manually.

For users with the .ua domain, only manual application installation is available.

Choose our App then press the only button “Install”:

In the pop-up window you should put a daw at the bottom and once again push the “Install” button: 

After that you will be redirected to the page with a clumsy inscription. This means that everything went well, go to the Wazzup interface:

In Wazzup, you should go to the “Settings” → “Add an integration”:

Then tap to the “Birtix24”: 

Copy the Bitrix24 account address in the browser and paste it in the “full Bitrix24 domain” field. Click ” Connect”:

Follow the link that Wazzup will invite you:

After you log in, you will be redirected to the page with the following inscription:

In the”Integrations” section, you will see active integration with Bitrix24:

This means that everything went well, congratulations. At the same time, Bitrix will create a notification chat. Do not remove it – it will come in handy. About working via Bitrix24 we have a separate article, be sure to read it carefully.