Adding amoCRM integration

Before starting the integration, add Instagram and WhatsApp channels to your Wazzup account. You can find out how to do it here.

  1. Open your Wazzup account → Settings → Integrations:

2. Press the button 

3. A window will appear. Choose “amoCRM”:

4. Specify the integration parameters:

Go to amoCRM and copy the main address of your account from your browser’s address bar. This is your full amoCRM domain:

In the “Administrator Login” field, specify your administrator’s e-mail which was used to sign up for amoCRM:

In the “AmoCRM account password” field, specify your administrator’s password which was used to sign up for amoCRM.

5. Press the “Connect” button. If the parameters you provided are correct, the “Integration has been added successfully” message will appear in the right corner. The status of the integration will be shown as “Synchronizing”. If your account has a lot of contacts and deals, the integration can take up to 10 minutes. When the field is green and the status is “Active”, it means that the integration has been successful.

6. In amoCRM settings, in the “Integrations” section, you will find:

  • If using the Basic plan, there will be one Wazzup widget (with a white background)
  • If using the Advanced and Enterprise plans, there will be two Wazzup widgets.

7. The integration is complete. Proceed to integration configuration.