Integration types

There are two options to make Wazzup work in Bitrix24:

Upon initial integration, the default option enabled is the second one, the Wazzup linking.

Open Channels in Bitrix are a native function to link to communication channels. OC collect messages from all your channels and distribute them among employees. OC creation and configuration takes place in the Bitrix interface. Only saved data from Bitrix is transferred to Wazzup. In Wazzup integration configuration, the work of OC is affected by paragraphs 1-6.

Integration can include multiple channels, WhatsApp and Instagram alike. Some of them can work through Open Channels, and some of them cannot. Also, in Bitrix24, you can create any number of Open Channels and link a single WhatsApp and Instagram channel to each of them.

As you can see in the screenshot, the integration shown includes two channels and one OC.

The “Sales” channel is added to OC, but the “Promotion” channel is not, which means that they will have different configuration.

When working with OC, you will have more opportunities to take advantage of native Bitrix tools. The opposite is also true: when using WZ linking, users will have additional Wazzup functionality at their disposal. For example, only users working through OC can add the Wazzup “button” into their site’s widget because the widget itself is a built-in Bitrix tool.

There is also some functionality that will work in Bitrix regardless of the approach you have chosen. For example, your Wazzup chats will be available in of the scenarios.