Integration logs

You can trace back the cause of integration problems using the logs in your Wazzup account. These are located in the right panel of integration settings.

Logs can have a yellow or a red icon. A yellow icon marks an information message, and a red one marks an error. This allows you to understand what is going wrong with your integration.

For example, if a deal was created in a wrong funnel or was not created at all, you should check what caused this problem.

Log entry Comment
Incoming lead was merged Everything is working as it should be. No problems found. The deal was attached to the stage and the funnel according to paragraph 2 of the integration rules.
Incoming lead was not found There was an error which made it impossible to find unsorted data for a period of 15 seconds. This can happen when there is an error on the amoCRM side. Please, contact the amoCRM support.
Incoming lead was handled according to third-party service rules The amo automation (salesbot, auto-merge, trigger) or a third-party service installed in your amo were quicker to handle the unsorted data. Check the rules of all your automation for trigger conflicts. If there is no conflict yet the deal was not created in the correct stage/funnel, please, contact the Wazzup support.
Incoming lead merge error There was an error due to technical reasons outside of our control. Such errors are isolated occurrences. However, if this error keeps happening more than once every 2 or 3 days, please, contact the Wazzup support.

See also: Wazzup tech support contacts.