Hubspot integration settings

Go to the integration settings in your Wazzup personal account to configure the integration.

1. Channels in this integration

“Channel” — is a phone number from WhatsApp or an Instagram account that will be connected to CRM.

Select the checkboxes for the channels you will be working with. If the channel is not highlighted with a green checkmark, you will not be able to set up a sales funnel for it and give your managers access to chats with this channel.

2. Funnel/stage for creating new deals

After the client sends a new request to the selected channel, the deal will be created in the selected funnel and stage. This transaction will create your chat with the client, and also store the history of the correspondence. To select a funnel, click on its name. An additional menu will open with funnels and stages from your CRM. Customize funnels and stages according to your company’s needs.

3. Assigning a responsible person for new deals

Add responsible managers for each channel by clicking on the “Add” button, or all at once, by clicking on the “Add all everywhere” button.

Distribute the workload among managers. The load, expressed in numbers, shows how many new appeals will be sent to each manager. Specify the load in the field opposite the manager’s name.

If you need to remove a specific manager from the list, hover the cursor over the name and remove it with a red cross.

With this setting, you can motivate the best managers and give them more requests or reduce the workload for new employees who are working slower than others.

3.1 New message from a contact with a closed deal

If, after closing a deal, the client writes again through the same channel, you can configure the creation of a new deal or sending this message to the last closed trade.

If your company sells goods, the need for which is regular and customers place new orders every month, it is more convenient to create a new deal for each new request. If, after the closing of the deal, customers write you letters of gratitude or a claim to eliminate defects, then it is more logical to add messages to the last deal.

If you select “Create a new deal according to the rules of paragraph 3”, a deal will be created for each new request. The person responsible for the deal will be determined depending on the channel that the client wrote to and on the settings for distributing orders in paragraph 3.

4. Ability to write from channels in Wazzup chats

Grant access to certain managers so that they can see incoming messages from Instagram and WhatsApp channels and correspond from these channels. To select specific managers click the “Add” button, or add everyone by clicking on the “Add all everywhere” button.

4.1 Outgoing WhatsApp channel for each manager

Select a channel to write WhatsApp messages to new customers. Each employee can only have one default outbound channel.

5. In Wazzup chat

Wazzup chat is a common window for all dialogs. It’s in the top right corner.

Use “Show all managers all dialogs” if the client is not assigned to a specific manager so that different employees can correspond with him.

If you select “Only your own dialogues and dialogues without a responsible person”, an additional item 5.1 will appear to select a user who will see all dialogs. This can be a department head or a boss.

6. Creating tasks for incoming messages

Hubspot will create a task for an incoming unanswered message to remind managers to reply to the message received. The task will be automatically deleted as soon as the manager replies to the message or resets the unread message counter.

If you select “Do not create a task”, notifications about incoming messages will be received only in the notification chat.