How WhatsApp works

To work with WhatsApp there must be a phone (Android or iOS – it does not matter) with the installed and running native WhatsApp application on it.
The phone must always be switched on and online.
If the phone disconnects or it turns off, the incomming and outcomming of messages will stop or slow down.If there is no connection for more than five minutes, we will send an alert. In any case, after the restoration of communication, all messages will reach both sides.
You can use the phone, you can read the messages on the phone, you can even answer calls if you want to. In the Wazzup interface, all messages sent from the phone by the sender will appear as a special user “phone”, which is already in your account. The only thing that is impossible is to use WhatsApp Web and desktop application – if you scan somewhere QR code, then the account will immediately lose the connection with Wazzup.

We consider as the most reliable option this one:

  1. Take an old unnecessary smartphone (broken one will do too).
  2. Buy a new SIM card (the cheepest one,do not forget to ask to disconnect all possible paid services and packages).
  3. We put the sim card in the phone, register a new whatsapp account.
  4. We register this number as a channel in Wazzup.
  5. On the phone, we turn off the sound, vibration and all notifications (do not confuse the airplane regime) so it does not distract or irritate anyone.
  6. On the phone we turn on wifi and mobile Internet (the latter just in case).
  7. Then put the ever-charging phone in the place with a reliable wifi and mobile internet connection nearby you(again, just in case).
  8. Set up an auto payment for SIM cards like this: if the balance is less than €1, add €1.
  9. Important: once in 2 months make a call or send SMS from this number (the idea is to spend a little anmount of money), otherwise the operators will block the SIM as “unused”.
  10. Set up the transferring of your calls from this phone number to the phone you are talking to by voice. Just in case, put a voice greeting: “call on this or that number” or “we are deaf and dumb, we only communicate in whatsapp – write”

You can use your regular phone, but it should be always turned on and online; but this is not a reliable option – everything can happen.
The main thing – do not connect to the WhatsApp Web application on laptops and ordinary computers.