How Wazzup works through Open Channels

To be the first to write to a client, go to your lead’s, contact’s or deal’s card in the CRM section.

In the top right part of the card, click the “Wazzup” button. An additional dialogue window will open, and a chat with the client will start. Apart from files and images, you can receive the following from the client:geo tags as links to Google Maps, voice messages and contact cards in the form of plain text. To send a document or an image, use the “Attach” button. Messages are sent using the Enter key.

After creating the chat, an OC chat window will apear in the card.

On pressing this button, you will be directed to an OC dialog box. To participate in the dialogue, press “Join”.

How to add and configure an Open Channel

The OC settings can be found in the “Contact Center” section. All communication channels highlighted in green and marked with a green tick are connected to OC.

To configure Wazzup to work through OL, click on the “Wazzup:WhatsApp” communication channel. A window will appear. Click “Configure” there.

Every employee in a company has their own area of responsibility and access level. For example, employees and their superiors can have different levels of access to the information about deals and clients. First, determine the roles, i.e. specify data access levels. Then assign these roles to employees, departments or groups as required. Find out more about creating and assigning roles from the site of Bitrix.

By default, the system offers the roles of an employee, a head of a department, a director, and an administrator. You can change those or add any number of your own roles.

Upon connecting Open Channels, by default, the “Send automatic reply to client’s first message” setting is enabled. Go to the “Automatic actions” section and disable it. This will let you avoid spamming your clients within Instagram and WhatsApp channels with automatic messages.

You can add other OC in the “Contact Center”, too:

The rest of OL settings can be made according to your preferences.