How to write in WhatsApp first

You can write to a client in WhatsApp from amoCRM even if you have not had a chat with that client before. To do this, you only need the phone number inside the client’s card. Client’s number can get into the CRM from a request they have made on your site, via e-mail or phone, or it can be entered manually.

Wazzup supports four ways to write to your client first: the “whatsappWZ” button in the native chat, initiating communication in Salesbot, webhook from Digital Pipeline, and Wazzup chats.

The choice of the channel to use when there has been no previous dialogue with the client is based on steps 4.1 and 8 of integration settings.

If you have had a dialogue with the client before but the deal has been closed and you are writing to them again, the settings will not work. We already have information about this contact. In this case, when creating the chat, the system will notify you that the chat has already been created and send the client a message from the number of the manager who was in charge of the last closed deal.

If you company’s employees are working from different channels, enable the function to “Use the channel according to the rules of paragraph 4.1 if possible”.

Then, in paragraph 4.1, assign each employee an outgoing channel. Now, if a particular employee writes first, the message will be sent from the corresponding channel:

If the outgoing channel in step 4.1 is disabled, the service will throw an error and the message will not be sent until you enable it. Alternatively, if the channel is unavailable or rescanning the QR code is required, the message will be sent only after reanimating the channel.

If you are using only one channel for outgoing messages, choose the “Always use the channel according to the rules of paragraph 8” and then choose the channel in the drop-down list. In this case, the outgoing channel will always be the same for any new dialogue:

Just like with step 4.1, an error will be thrown if the channel in step 8 is disabled or has not been chosen.

If you are writing from the Wazzup chat, then the default channel will be the one from the settings, but you can choose the channel inside the chat itself:

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