How to turn on slider in CRM records

This article is not directly related to Wazzup settings, but if you want to connect our service to Bitrix24, you need to use slider in CRM records for viewing and editing, otherwise you will not be able to get into chats.

If you already can see slider in CRM records for viewing and editing, everything is in fine, you do not need to do anything. In the slider on the top of the screen you can see the action menu, in which the Wazzup button appears, on narrow screens the actions are minimized into the “More” button:

If you have 3 big buttons instead of the slider in the top of the card, then you have an “old” version, and you have to switch it to a new one, so that everything start working. Bitrix does not support embedding buttons without slider, so if you do not want to it for some reason, the Wazzup application will not work in your Bitrix24.

The card without a slider looks like this:

So, to turn the slider on, you must go to CRM (1) – More (2) – Settings (3):

In the settings section Other (4) – Other settings (5):

Inside, you need to put a daw in front of “Use slider in CRM records for viewing and editing” (6):

Scroll down the page and click Apply (7):

Now everything will be ok. Get used to a slider – it’s much more convenient, otherwise why would Bitrix do it? You can find the working principle and settings of the Wazzup-Bitrix 24 bundle in our separate article.