Connect Roistat to Bitrix24

Roistat allows you to track the effectiveness of advertising channels. It assigns each lead its own ID number. If you pass the ID to the CRM, you can determine which advertising source the client came from. This helps you create effective ads.

  1. Connect Roistat to WhatsApp.
  2. Go to “CRM” on the left panel of Bitrix24 → “Settings” on the top panel.
  3. Select “Form and report settings” → “Custom fields” → “Add field” in the “Lead” section.
  4. Enter “roistat” in the “Name” → “String” field in the “Type” → “Save” drop-down list.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the “Deal” section.
  6. Go to your personal account Wazzup → “Settings” → “Integrations” in the left menu.
  7. Select the integration → “Update Bitrix24 data” in the upper-right corner.

After receiving the message with the ID number from the client, manually create a lead or deal and enter the ID number in the “roistat” field.

Wazzup service allows you to install a WhatsApp widget on your site. If you plan to connect it and Roistat at the same time, leave the “First message text” field empty in the widget settings. You have already set a template message in Roistat.