How to add a chatbot to the company structure in Bitrix24

When distributing incoming customers to the “first respondent”, it may turn out that not every employee will have access to a newly created contact or lead. This can happen because of the division of access between units in the structure of the company. In order to solve this problem, you need to add a chat-bot Wazzup to each of the departments (divisions), in which there is at least one of the managers who accept calls from customers.

Go to the Company – Company Structure section. Find the bot called wazzup in the “Chat Bots” division:

With the Shift button held down, drag the bot to all other departments with people. It should happen that the same bot is in all sections at the same time:

This does not violate the divisoin of access rights between departments, but anyone who has an accessin your settings will be able to intercept the leads from the bot.