Setting up Roistat cross-cutting analytics

Implementing end-to-end analytics in your CRM systems enables you to monitor advertisement channels’ effectiveness.

Roistat is a cross-cutting analytics service which assigns a unique ID to every lead. If you feed this ID to your CRM, you can identify what ad source this client came from. Such information is very valuable for any marketing department.

How to connect Roistat to WhatsApp

In your Roistat account, go to the integrations catalog. A new window will open. Choose the “Message sources” (“Источники заявок”) block and click on the plus sign. In the pop-up tab, specify WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp line will appear in the “Message sources” block. Click the cog symbol to go to the settings.

Use the toggle to enable the integration.

Specify the phone number to receive WhatsApp messages. The number should only contain digits. You do not need to use the plus sign (+).

Input the text that users will need to send upon their first interaction with you. This message is created for leads automatically. and contains their Roistat ID. The system will generate it and insert it into the script automatically, instead of the {roistat_visit} variable. When writing the text, draw your clients’ attention to the variable so that they do not delete it by mistake.

Text examples:

  • Hello! My request number is {roistat_visit}
  • Good afternoon, I would like to clarify the terms of car loans. The number of my support case is {roistat_visit}
  • Hey! 🙂Saw your ad on the Internet with the promise to give me 2 weeks of subscription for free. My code is {roistat_visit}

After pressing the “Next step” (“Следующий шаг”) button, a page with the code for your site will open. If your site already has a widget or any other element that allows users to send messages to WhatsApp, insert the code right after the Roistat counter. The script will automatically replace the current message text and phone number with the values specified during the previous step.

Below the script, there is the link. which you will need if you have not configured sending messages to WhatsApp yet.

Insert the link into the corresponding element’s HTML code on your site. The fields you have filled in during the previous step will be automatically added to the link. In this case, the script still needs to be inserted after the Roistat counter in the same way. Click “Save”.

Roistat integration with WhatsApp is complete. The number which will be given in the first message from a client is their Roistat ID.

Wazzup allows you to embed the WhatsApp widget on your site. If you are planning to connect the widget and the cross-cutting analytics system simultaneously, then leave the “First message text” field of the widget settings empty. You have already specified your message template in Roistat.

How to create a Roistat ID field in your CRM

When a client sends you their first message, Wazzup identifies the number and automatically inserts the ID into their deal card.

Roistat IDs are saved in a special field within the deal in your CRM. This field needs to be added manually. Open any client card and go to the settings.

Open a deal and click the “Add field” button. Choose a text or a number as the row’s data display format. If you create a new field in a contact’s or company’s section, the process will not be automated.

The first word of the new field’s name must be “Roistat”. You can write it using both uppercase and lowercase letters. It will not affect the functionality. Here are a few examples: Roistat ID, roistat number, ROISTAT №. The system is programmed to transfer the combination of 4-10 symbols without white spaces from the first client’s message to the string starting with the word “Roistat”.

Save the changes.

Then go to your Wazzup account. In the integration settings, refresh the data from AmoCRM.

Now the ID from the new client’s first message will be displayed in the Roistat field.

Roistat obtains the data from this field and includes it in its analytics.

For the system to correctly populate clients’ cards with their Roistat ID, the messages should not be put into the “Unsorted” folder.  Go to your Wazzup account. In step 2 of integration settings for the channel with cross-cutting analytics set up, specify any stage of the funnel. Save the changes.