Communication channels

Communication channels

To understand the concept of Wazzup, one needs to be introduced to one of the basic concepts – the “channel”.

The channel is an option to contact the company. The channel has two main characteristics: a means of communication and a unique identifier.

Wazzup is aimed only at means of communication adapted for “correspondence”, therefore, voice communication methods are not our profile.

The means of communication in general are:

  • Social networks
  • Messengers
  • Live chats
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Teleconference bridge
  • Telegraph

The last three points are not for us: there are already over 9000 companies in the world that offer IP telephony and virtual automatic telephone exchange; teleconference exists if you want to communicate officially with for example Putin and the telegraph seems to be in general dead.

Let’s return to the serious things:

Each of the means of communication has its own unique subscriber IDs: address, id, name or phone number – everywhere its rules.

In addition, in social networks there is an additional division into “subchannels”: personal messages and comments on common records.

The main goal of Wazzup is to add an unlimited number of any channels to the account and process incoming messages with maximum automation of this process, accounting and statistics for all appeals, conducting marketing activity on all channels in an automatic mode.

We decided to start conquering the world with the most extraordinary task: to establish communication through WhatsApp. There is an additional article how to create a WhatsApp channel.