Channels’ statuses

The channels have different states. States indicate if everything is good and what you need to do to get back to work.

Active is the best state. It means everything works well. Only this state allows you to send messages. 

Wait a minute – temporary state. If you see it, wait for one of the permanent states.

Disabled – it means that you have disconnected your channel from the service and no messages are coming. To enable the channel, go to the settings, and click “Enable channel”.

Not paid – you have run out of money on your balance. Refill your account balance and active channels will start to work again. All frozen messages will be sent after activation. To receive notifications about your balance status add a curator in the settings.

QR-scan needed – appears in new channels and if “Log out from all devices” button was pressed on your phone. Click the link and scan the code.

Opened somewhere else – someone has logged in WhatsApp Web using this number. Click “Use here” to resume. If it does not work, log in to your WhatsApp and click “Log out from all devices” and then scan the QR code again.

Phone not available – phone battery is dead or the internet is missing. Check your phone. After you switch on your phone or the Internet, the service will start within three minutes. All frozen messages will be sent after activation.

Set up notifications for curator to track changes of channel state. Read more about this function in articleYou can subscribe to the “Handset Hosting” service, so Wazzup will monitor the performance of your channel. In this case, you don’t need an extra smartphone permanently connected to the service.

What is happening with messages?

You can’t send messages to a client in the following states: “Off”, “Opened somewhere else”, “QR-scan needed”, “Phone not available”, “Deleted”, “Not paid”. 

In  “Wait a minute«» and “Phone not available” states the message will be put in the queue for sending. They will be sent after the channel activation.

“Opened Somewhere Else” State

This state demands quick action. It is activated when the user opens WhatsApp in WhatsApp Web or desktop application and Wazzup service simultaneously. 

The service reacts to this with the command “Enable here”, it allows disabling parallel channels of WhatsApp. After several unsuccessful attempts to “take” the channel to itself, the service assigns the account the status “Opened somewhere else” and offers to run the command “Enable here” again. 

Press the “Enable here” button and the channel will return to the “Active” state.

“QR-scan needed” state

In this case, messages in Wazzup chat rooms in CRM will not be sent. 

Go to the settings of your Wazzup account. If the status of the channel has changed to QR expired”, 

you will receive a “Scan QR-code«» notification. 

Tap this button and follow the on-screen instructions. When you scan the QR code as instructed, the channel will be active again.