Channels’ statuses

WhatsApp channels have different statuses. These indicate whether everything is okay and what needs to be done to resume their operation.

Active – the best possible status. It means that everything is working as it should be.

Just a minute – a temporary service status. If you see it, wait until you see one of the stable statuses.

Disabled – means that you have disconnected your channel from the service and no messages are being received by it. To enable it, enter the channel editing mode and press “Enable the channel”.

Not paid – you have no money left on your balance. Top up your account, and all the active channels will resume operation. The messages that have accumulated since the operation stopped, will be retrieved. To receive timely notifications about the balance status, add a curator in the settings.

Scan the QR code – this status appears for new channels and if the “Log out from all devices” button has been pressed. Click the link and scan the code.

Enable here – someone has logged into WhatsApp Web using this number. To resume operation, you need to click the “Use here” button. If it did not work, log into your WhatsApp and press the “Log out from all devices” button. Then rescan the QR code.

No connection with the phone – the phone’s battery has died or the Internet connection has been lost. Check the phone. After you have checked the phone/the connection, the service will resume operation in 3 minutes. All the messages will be retrieved.

Wazzup has the “Notifications for curators” feature. Notifications about channel statuses will be sent to the WhatsApp account of the person you have added as the curator. You can find out more about how it works and how you can enable it in a separate article.

What happens with the messages?

Unsent messages behave differently for different channel statuses. It is important to keep this in mind so that you do not lose any important information from your dialogues with clients and do not bombard them with the same messages again and again.

For the “Disabled”, “Deleted”, and “Not paid” statuses, the messages are not enqueued for sending and are not sent to the client. In the Wazzup interface, it is implemented in such a way that the operator cannot press Enter and the message itself remains in the entry field.  In case of third-party integrations (the standard amoCRM widget, Planfix, the Bitrix24 Open Channels), the operator will receive a message back saying that the channel is disabled, not paid for, or does not exist.

In case of Wazzup API integration, the system will display an error message.

For the “Disabled”, “Deleted”, and “Not paid” statuses, the outgoing messages are not displayed in the interface – as if they have never existed.

For the “Active”, “Just a minute”, “Phone not available”, “Opened in another place”, “Scan the QR code”, and “Log out from all devices” statuses, the messages are enqueued for sending. When the channel becomes active, all the messages will be sent. In this case, they are not deleted from the queue and can stay there indefinitely.

If the statuses has changes like this: “Phone not available” → “Disabled” → “Active”, the messages will still be sent.

The “Scan the QR code” status

This status is special because it requires prompt action from operator.

If a channel is connected and the user is trying to open WhatsApp Web or the desktop application in parallel, the service makes several attempts to “take the channel back”. While this is happening, the operator sees the “Use here” button.

Wazzup stops taking the channel back if it has already done it 5 times in the last 10 minutes. In this case, the “Opened in another place” status and the “Enable here” button will appear. If the user has pressed the button, the service will make another attempt to activate the channel.

If the status has changed to “Scan the QR code” during the process of sending a message, the user will receive a message back saying, “Houston, scan the QR code”. It is also sent to all the native integrations (the native amoCRM, Planfix, and the Bitrix Open Channels).

In case of APIs, it depends on the specific integrator. All the channel statuses updates are sent to the API, as are the messages status changes. How they are going to be processed is a question to the developer.

The “Houston, scan the QR code” status was devised to signal the users that someone has used the “Log out from all devices” function. This is a notification for the employee working with the contact.

We are currently working on an improvement to send the channels statuses to the person in charge (the curator). This way, the users will not need to be notified.