Notifications about incoming messages in Bitrix24

On the right panel of Bitrix24, there is the “Wazzup – Notifications” section. This section displays the notifications chat for all new messages. The chat is created automatically when installing the Wazzup application, and at first, there is only one employee in it: the one who installed the application. You should then add all the people involved in communications so that they are able to see and hear notifications about new messages.

One line is created for each client number. The line shows the total of unread messages. As new messages keep coming, the number in the line changes. The screenshot shows messages from three clients. As you can see, one of them wrote two messages, another wrote one message, and the last one wrote four:

The key principle when working with the notifications chat is that there should be nothing in the chat. In other words, the chat only shows the clients who you have not replied to yet. As soon as one of the employees replies to the client, the line with this client will disappear from the notifications chat. If there is nothing to reply, press the “No reply needed” button. In this case, the line with the client will also disappear from the chat and nobody will be distracted by it.

When an employee has a Wazzup chat open with a client, it is assumed that this employee is able to see all the new messages and is engaged in a dialogue with the client, so none of these new messages will be sent to the notifications chat. Everyone else will get a notification only in two cases:

  1. The employee has closed the chat with the client;
  2. 5 minutes have passed, but the employee has not responded (no outgoing message from the employee has been sent, nor has the “No reply needed” button has been pressed).