Add integration with Bitrix24

Only users of the Bitrix24 commercial tariff plans can add Wazzup integration: Start +, CRM +, Tasks +, Team, Company.

The integration is installed only in the following order: installing the application in Bitrix24 → installing the integration in the Wazzup personal account. If you start creating an integration from your Wazzup personal account, the integration will not be added.

  1. Go to “Applications” on the left panel of Bitrix24.
  2. Search for “Wazzup”. If our application is not displayed for you or your Bitrix is ​​registered on the .ua domain, the application must be installed manually.
  3. Install the app. The application can only be installed by a user with administrator rights for a Bitrix24 account. If the account administrator changes, the integration will stop working and will need to be reinstalled.
  4. Add Instagram and WhatsApp channels to your Wazzup account.
  5. Go to integration settings.
  6. Click “Add Integration” and select “Bitrix24”.
  7. Insert your Bitrix24 domain and click “Connect”.
  8. Follow the link in the window that appears.
  9. Done — you have created an integration with Bitrix24. Now set up the integration.