How to remove Bitrix24 integration

When removing Bitrix integration, it is important to follow the steps precisely:

1. Remove the integration in your Wazzup account’s “Integrations” section. To do this, choose the integration you need and press any of the “Remove” buttons:

2. Remove Wazzup application in Bitrix24. To do this, go to “Applications” → “Installed” and press the delete button.

Then confirm your actions and press “Delete” again:

If you remove the application in Bitrix24 first and then remove the integration in your account, authorization will be lost and we would not be able to delete the connectors.

If you did remove the integration incorrectly after all, try to install the application and create the integration again. Then delete the integration following the steps above.

If it’s not working for you, contact the Bitrix24 tech support.