Create Business Process

Bitrix’s business processes are a tool allowing you to order and automate routine processes:

  • External – for example, the processing of leads, deals and particular contacts;
  • Internal – for example, vacations approval or procurements alignment.

Some business processes or automation activities can be linked to your Wazzup profile to enable automatic message sending.

How does Wazzup work within Bitrix24 business processes?

Let’s look at an example of adding a business process to inform new leads that they can contact us via WhatsApp.

1. From the Bitrix24 CRM, go to “Business processes” as shown in the screenshot. A list of options will be presented to assign the business process to a lead, a contact, a company, or a deal.

2. In the “Lead” section, choose the “Add Template” function. The “Template Parameters” window will open. Set its name to be “Informing the lead about WA” and tick the “When added” option.

After saving the template, the business process editor will open. After configuring, each of the specific business process blocks will be carried out according to the predefined order.

In the “Business Processes” section, inside the lead’s card, you can see the statuses of existing business processes. Current states and dates of your business processes are presented here. The “Log” section shows activities and times. If a message gets “lost”, you can find it using its Message ID. If a message was not sent, check the status to understand what has caused the error.

The nodes of the diagram are activities. You can learn more about their functionality in the Bitrix video tutorials. Among them, there is the “Application Activities” one. If you choose it, Bitrix will send a WhatsApp message to everyone who has our application installed.

3. WhatsApp messages are sent using the lead’s phone number. However, it is not specified for all new leads. To check if the number is available, add the “Condition” option as shown in the screenshot. To open the menu, left-click the triangle in the diagram.

4. Click the cog symbol to open the activities parameters configuration window.

5. Fill in the conditions for the activities as shown on the screenshot, then press “Save”. Now the automation will check if the “Phone” field in the lead’s card is filled.

6. The condition branch for the case when the phone is not specified will lead straight to the end. For the branch when the “Phone” field is filled, add the “Send a message in WhatsApp” application activity.

7. In the settings of this activity, enter the message text and configure the recipient’s window. The options to fill in the field are available in the Bitrix tutorials. By default, the program offers you to use one of the values of the document (i.e. the lead upon the creation of which the process is executed) to populate it. The document contains many variables. For our purposes, we need the number. The “Phone” field can have several values, and the program cannot choose one of them by itself. Choose “Phone (text)” once.

Technically, Bitrix gives you the ability to choose several values, but if you decide to choose more than one, the business process will not work.

In the same window, input the message text. Now every time when you create a new lead, a message will be sent to the specified number to notify the lead that they can contact us via WhatsApp.

You can import information using different variables, not only in the “Recipient” but also in the “Message Text”. Using this function, you can address the client by their name or mention their e-mail. To open the menu, use the button to the right from the message input field.

If you’ve already communicated with this client, the new message is sent from the same number as the previous ones. This way, your recipient knows that they are dealing with the same company and with the same manager. If there is no existing dialogue, the message will be sent from the “default” channel.

Different channel statuses scenario

If the channel used for the dialogue before is not of the “Active” status:

  • For the “Just a minute”, “Phone not available”, “Opened in another place”, and “Log out from all devices” statuses, the message is queued and remains queued until the status is changed to “Active”. And then it is sent.
  • For the “Scan the QR code” status, the following message is sent: “Houston, scan the QR code”. This status usually appears when someone uses the “Log out from all devices” function.
  • For the “Offline”, “Deleted”, “Not paid” statuses, the following system message is sent: “Cannot send from this channel”. In this case, outgoing messages are neither sent nor queued. For this statuses, the system acts as if there was no previous dialogue. So, the message is sent using the default channel. In this case, all the dialogues from the previous channel are deleted.

How does Wazzup work within automation?

As an example, let’s add an automation to send a notification about a successful deal to the client’s Open Channel.

For this, two conditions should be met:

  • The channel should be connected through the Open Channels;
  • The previous communication with the client was through OC.

1. In the CRM, go to “Deals” as shown in the screenshot.

2. On the “Deal Successful” stage, add an automation to send the necessary message into the Open Channel.

3. A window will open. Input the message text to be sent into the Open Channel after moving the card to the “Deal Successful” stage.

How to send mediafiles

Bitrix24 does not allow attaching files to messages. Send images, video, audio and documents in business processes and robots in Wazzup using the link in square brackets. The service downloads the content and sends the document. Files larger than 10 mb will be sent with a download link. 

1. Prepare the file for sending

  • Send the file through Wazzup chat to your number or client number. The service will process the file and assign a link to it.
  • Copy the link address. 

  • Insert the link in the message and put it in square brackets.

2. Add file links into the template text.

  • Open the business process template you want to insert file links into.
  • Click the cog symbol to open the configuration window:

  • A window will appear. Input the file links into the text. All the links should be enclosed with square brackets. To resize the text box, drag the bottom right corner of the window.


  • Save the changes.

3. Start the business process.

  • Go to the card of the contact, lead, or deal and choose one of the active business processes.

  • The message will be sent when the status of the process changes to “Completed”. It usually takes a few seconds.

Here is how the message with an image sent in the business process will look: