Wazzup Help

Bitrix24 Integration Settings

Go to integration settings in your Wazzup account. If your computer screen is not so wide, press the green button to expand or hide the settings window. After clicking the integration string, integration settings will appear on the right side of the screen.

“Save options” – any changes in integration settings are applied only after pressing this button.

“Delete integration” – allows to remove Bitrix24 integration with one click.

“Update Bitrix24 data” – all the changes you have made in Bitrix24 will appear in your Wazzup profile only after pressing the update button.

1. Channels for this integration

Tick the channels you would like to make available for this Bitrix24 integration. You will not be able to send and receive any messages through the channels without the tick.

2. Using Open Channels

If you are using Open Channels, connect them. In this case, receiving, distributing and storing messages will be carried out according to the rules of Open Channels. If you do not add WhatsApp or Instagram channels into Open Channels in this step, the service will still work but it will do so according to the rules of Wazzup integration settings paragraphs 8-12. In this case, notifications will be directed to your notifications chat. You can find out more about integration types and working with Wazzup through Open Channels in the “Working with Bitrix24” section.

If you are already using Open Channels, connect your Instagram and/or WhatsApp channels to them. Update your Bitrix24 data and load Open Channels in Wazzup.

If you have not used Open Channels in your work before but you want to connect them, go to Bitrix24, “Contact Center”, and then choose the “Wazzup: Instagram” or “Wazzup: WhatsApp” channels to connect them to Open Channels. You can read more about Open Lines settings and features in the Bitrix24 article.

When the window opens, press “Connect”:

Follow the link to your Wazzup account to choose channels for Open Lines:

Choose the channel which you would like to work through Open Lines, save the settings and update Bitrix24 data:

3. Converting phone numbers to the international format

In the international format, Russia’s and Kazakhstan’s numbers begin with +7 (which is the only one that WhatsApp Web is able to recognize). Many people still write their numbers with an 8. If some of the mobile phone numbers in your Bitrix24 CRM are written with an 8 in the beginning, use the function to replace the 8 in the beginning of the number with +7, and WhatsApp will be able to recognize them.

In Asia, numbers in international format begin with 8. If the conversion is enabled, WhatsApp will recognize these numbers as incorrect and will automatically replace the 8 with +7. So, if you have clients from Japan, China, South Korea, disable this function by choosing to leave the number it is in Bitrix24 instead.

4. Ability to write from channels in Wazzup chats

The Wazzup chats window is a window with a dialogue for every lead, contact, deal card, as well as the global chat. This settings allows employees to see messages, reply to them and start communicating with new clients by writing them first.

Give access to these chats to all your employees by clicking the “Add everyone everywhere” button, or choose a specific manager by using the “Add” button. Distribute the channels among your employees respectively if you have different lines of work, or give all managers access to all channels.

When working with Open Channels, you can restrict your employees from being the first to communicate with new clients (i.e. from the managers being the ones who initiate the communication, not the clients). To do this, delete these employees from paragraph 4. This way, they will only have the option to reply.

The “Remove all users from everywhere” button restricts all employees from using chats. You can also delete a specific employee from the list. To do this, hover your mouse over the employee’s name and delete them using the red cross.

4.1 Choosing outgoing channels for writing first

In paragraph 4, you determine each employee’s ability to be the first to contact new clients. If an employee has access to multiple channels, you should determine which of the channels will be used to be the first to contact new clients.

5. Business processes channel

Set the channel to be used to send messages attached to business processes. Press the green button and choose the channel you prefer. If the client has already been contacted through WhatsApp, then the business process will send the message through the previously used dialogue. If you have not yet had a dialogue with the client, then the message will be sent using the channel you specify. Only one channel can be added.

You can find out more about business processes settings in the “Wazzup in Bitrix24’s business processes and automation” article.

6. Inside the Wazzup chat

The Wazzup chat is the window containing all the dialogues. By default, the Wazzup chat uses the “Only my own dialogues and dialogues without a manager in charge” option.

Use the “Show all dialogues to all employees” option when a client is not assigned to a specific manager, meaning that several different managers are able to communicate with a single client.

If there are more than 2 employees in your company, enable the option to show “Only my own dialogues and dialogues without a manager in charge”.
This way, every employee will only be presented the contacts which he or she is responsible for, as well as new contacts which do not yet have a manager assigned to them – or which only have a bot assigned.

If you select “Only your own and dialogues without a responsible person” an additional item 6.1 will appear for selecting a user who will see all dialogs. This can be a department head or a boss.

6.1 Who sees all dialogs

Select a user who will see absolutely all dialogs. This can be a department head or a boss.

7. Group chats

Switch on the group chats if necessary. Please note that messages from group chats will not be displayed in deals, leads or contact cards.

These can be seen by anyone who has access to the chat window. By default, group chats display is disabled:

Conversely, you cannot disable group chats display in your personal account. There, these are always visible.

Group chats do not create a separate lead, contact, or deal and are not linked to them. Cards will not have messages from group chats displayed in them.


The settings below apply only to the channels not added to Open Channels.

8. Upon new request, create…

Choose where in Bitrix24 new messages should go to: Lead, Contact or Contact with a Deal. Upon receiving messages from phone numbers which already exist in your database, no new Leads or Contacts will be created; all the communications will be attached to the existing Leads or Contacts. If a contact has two or more open deals, the communications will be saved in all of those deals simultaneously.

9. Appoint the ones responsible for new requests

Appoint the ones responsible for handling new contacts.

“The first respondent” means that all new incoming messages will be distributed among your employees in a self-sustained way: the first to reply will automatically become responsible for this client contact. Distribute your employees among different channels or add all of them to all channels.

“Queued distribution” means that you can distribute the workload among all your employees equally or choose to increase it for the more experienced employees. The workload is expressed with a number showing the quantity of new requests to be forwarded to each of the employees.

The screenshot shows that all the requests submitted to the “Promotion” channel will be assigned to a single employee.

Use queued distribution as a way to motivate your best employees by forwarding more requests to them. And vice versa, you can decrease the workload for new employees who need more time to handle a single request.

10. Incoming messages notifications

Incoming messages notifications are sent to the notifications chat, which is located in the right panel of Bitrix. Choose your preferred method of sending notifications:

“Always notify the general chat” – notifications will be sent to the general chat. All users added to the chat will be able to see and hear notifications about new messages and react in a timely manner.

“Always notify the one responsible” – as soon as a lead has the responsible person assigned to them, all notifications will be sent only to this responsible person’s notifications chat.

“Notify the one responsible one if available” – a client’s messages will be sent to the employee responsible for the client if this employee is currently online. If the one responsible is not online, the notification will be forwarded to the general chat of the channel and made available to all the employees having access to this chat. The online status of employees is determined by Bitrix24.

11. Duplicating dialogues into the Deal card

Log is a feed of major events and comments in the lead, contact and deal cards. You can duplicate messages from the Wazzup chat into the log. Media and documents come from chat as links that open in a new tab when clicked. If you have been sent a photo or video with a signature to the WhatsApp chat, only an attachment will be sent to the comment, without a signature.

Choose how you prefer to group messages. The choice depends on the activity of correspondence with clients. Choose the option that will be convenient for managers.

“Do not keep logs” – Deal, Lead or Contact cards will not display relevant communications logs. The communications can be viewed in Wazzup chats.

“Every message separately” – the communications will be formed into separate dialogues with the ability to pin important feed messages. You can pin no more than 3 messages at the same time.

“All messages within an hour as a single comment” – all messages received within an hour will be grouped into a single comment in the feed.

“All messages within a day as a single comment” – all messages received within a full day (24 hours) will be grouped into a single comment in the feed.

12. Log messages into the card…

This item lets you choose the storage location for your communication with a client.

“of the Deal / Contact and Deal” – the communications will be stored in both the Deal card and the Lead (Contact) card

“of the Deal” – the communications will be stored in the Deal

“of the Lead (Contact)” – the communication will be stored in the Lead (Contact) card