Wazzup Help

Sending files in the deal chat or in Salesbot

With Wazzup, you can attach images, videos, audio, and documents to your chat or Salesbot. To do this, place the link to the file in square brackets — the service will download the content and send the document or media in its original form.

AmoCRM allows you to send only one image at a time. Files larger than 10 MB will be sent with a download link.

How to send a file

  1. Send the file via Wazzup chat to your number or customer number. The service will process the file and assign a link to it.
  2. Copy the link.
  3. Paste the link into your message and enclose it in square brackets.
  4. Send the message.

This is how the message with a picture sent from the amoCRM deal card will look like:

This is how the message will look on WhatsApp: