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Initiating communication using Salesbot

Salesbot is a bot that can be programmed to perform certain actions. If you have your client’s number but you have not had a dialogue with them before, you can initiate communication using Salesbot. The channel for outgoing messages is set in steps 4.1 and 9 of integration settings.

How to create a Salesbot

To create a bot, go to the funnel settings and click on the free space under the funnel moving to which should fire the trigger:

A new window will appear. Choose “Salesbot”:

The bot addition window will appear:

  1. Choose the trigger which will initiate the bot’s actions – “On moving to the stage”;
  2. Set the bot’s operation time;
  3. Create a new bot.

The bot editing panel will open. Choose the “Initiate communication” action:

If you are using several integrations with different messengers and social media, the system will offer to choose which one you would like to use to initiate communication with clients. In our case, you will need to choose “whatsappWZ”.

The field to enter your message will appear. Enter the text if you need to have your clients receive this message on moving to this particular funnel:

Save your settings in the upper right corner of the window. Now, when moving to the funnel, a chat with the client will be created automatically:

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The bot does not work with the “Incoming lead” section

If your integration has several channels, Salesbot does not send messages to clients in the “Incoming lead” stage. He can only send a message to a client who has a deal created for them.

“Incoming lead” is not a part of any stage of a deal.

For Salesbot to work correctly, in step 2 of integration settings for the channel where the bot is set up, specify any stage of the funnel.

If the integration only has one channel, in step 9, choose the only channel to send messages when writing first.

This option will work even if you specify the “Incoming lead” section for the channel with the bot in step 2.

Salesbot sends messages to all messengers in the deal

Salesbot does not know where to write and where not to write, so it sends messages to all applications that are added to the deal.

To unpin a messenger from the deal, click on its icon under the client’s name, select “Detach chat” in the drop-down list and reload the page.

All information will remain in contact and will be detached only from the selected deal.