Referral Partner Program

Referral partner program is a way to make money by attracting new clients to use our service. You attract new clients – we reward you 20% of what they spend. The client tops up their Wazzup account, and you get rewarded based on cash-back principle. The money is transferred to partners’ accounts every calendar month for a year after the referred client’s signing up.

For a client to become your referral, they need to sign up using your referral link. If you use an incorrect link, the client will still be able to register, but he will not receive bonus money to the account and will not be attached to you. In such a situation, contact the support.

Partner’s dashboard

Your partner’s dashboard is located in the left panel of your own Wazzup dashboard, in the “Affiliate” section. It is displayed for all Wazzup users.

Referral links

The “Referral links” section allows you to create an unlimited amount of links and publish them via different sources. For signing up using your link, your referral will receive 10 € | $ to their Wazzup account balance. The currency is determined during signing up.

To create a link, click on the button:

A window will appear. Enter the name you will use to tack the number of signups through the link:

Add different links for every traffic source:

This way, you will be able to monitor their click conversion rate.


The “Registrations” section displays statistics for the number of clients who have signed up using referral links. The data is given by days, not by individual users.

You can also see the effectiveness of every link. You can use different links with multiple traffic sources. This can give you an insight into the ROI of each channel.

Referral payouts

All your referral payouts are reflected in a consolidated table by month. The table displays the following: payment amount, dashboard ID, registration date, referral link, ruble exchange rate, and your income from every client. In the top right corner, you can see the total turnover amount for the period given.

Partner account

The “Partner account” tab shows your incoming and outgoing transactions. A percentage of your client’s bills is accrued on the first day of every month for a year after this certain referral’s signup. Remember that this percentage is 20% from all your referrals’ payments for the previous month. To withdraw the money, you need to have at least 2 paying clients with at least 60 € | $ of payments each.

There are two ways to transfer the money from you partner account:

  • To any dashboard balance.

Press the “Transfer to account” button:

Specify the Wazzup account number which you would like to top up the balance of. If you press the “I want to transfer to my account” button, the system will automatically input your account number. Enter the amount and press “Transfer”.

  • Withdrawal via transfer.

To cash out to a bank card or electronic wallet, request a transfer.

A hint will appear showing Wazzup support contacts. Contact the support in any way you prefer and request a withdrawal from your partner account.

Please note! Ad views, leads, signups, as well as any other intermediate goals before payment, are not paid for by us. We only count referred clients who have paid for using the service.

Full rules of the referral partner program can be found in the “Rules” section of your dashboard.