Handset hosting

Handset hosting is a service that provides you with a physical mobile phone with your WhatsApp channel in Wazzup. What we call a “handset” is mobile phone that will be located in the Wazzup office. After you subscribe for handset hosting, Wazzup takes over your line’s health monitoring.

You can subscribe for handset hosting in the “Finances” section of your account:

A modal window will open. Choose the “Handset Hosting” subscription:

One more window will appear. Use the window to specify the number of handsets you need and the duration of the subscription. Then press “Create subscription”. One handset equals one WhatsApp channel. In the same window, you can see the subscription price calculation. The subscription price does not include the channel fee according to your price plan.

The next step is to assign your WhatsApp number to our device. To do this, contact Wazzup support via WhatsApp, Telegram or e-mail – support@wazzup24.com. After our support specialists connect your channel to the device, you will see the handset information in the right panel:

Above you can see the buttons to edit and prolong the subscription. The editing mode allows you to increase or decrease the number of handsets in your subscription:

Upon pressing it, another window will appear to enter the preferred number of handsets. After the payment, contact the support again to add or remove handsets from the subscription.

You can also change the duration of your subscription by pressing the “Change period” button in the right panel:

In the “Channels” section, you can see the information about where the channel is running – on your handset or in Wazzup. If the channel is a part of your “Handset Hosting” subscription, it will have the “On Wazzup handset” label.