Ban in Instagram

Instagram doesn’t take kindly to spammers. The system limits the access to particular actions or pages if it detects unusual behavior from that account. To not attract suspicion and not lose access to your account forever, you should follow several rules. 

Working with messages

Bulk messaging can lead to being banned. At best, Instagram will prohibit you from sending messages for several hours. Organize the communication with your audience accordingly.

Duplicating long messages

Do not send the same text with a large number of symbols multiple times in a row. It is not humanly possible to manually write several long messages to different chats in a single minute. The robot understands it and starts analyzing your actions. If it finds signs of spamming, it imposes restrictions.

Message templates with images

Do not overuse template messages containing multiple images. On Instagram, every image is sent separately. The system will block frequent streams of identical content.

Working with links

Instagram checks link before when sending messages, and it does not always do it correctly. Sometimes valid links do not get through, while invalid ones do. To keep your account safe, do not attach more than two links to one message. Break them up with text. 


Yet another taboo is using the same texts over and over. Personalize each message. Instagram is about having a live dialog between you and your client. You should not engage in bulk messaging and, naturally, you should not use automation. Instagram blocks users for obstructing or interfering with the service’s operation.

Every account has hidden iDoT (Instagram Degree of Trust) points. These reflect the degree to which you observe the internal Instagram policy. The less the service trusts you, the more limitations it will impose on your profile. Reaching zero will get your account fully blocked. 

But there is some good news, too. The degree of trust is a dynamic value. If you have noticed a drastic decrease in your audience’s engagement without any obvious reasons or if your actions are often getting blocked, we recommend that you reconsider your usual methods of promotion and audience interaction. 

Your main task is to persuade the AI that the owner of the account performed all the actions in question personally. Then the degree of trust will rise, and the limitations will be lifted.

Wazzup is not a bulk messaging service and is not responsible for your having been banned.

If your account got banned

A ban is a temporary or permanent account block caused by not observing the rules of using Instagram. It is executed manually (by moderators) or automatically (by the service’s filters). 

Temporary account block

Spammers are usually punished with a temporary account block. The duration depends on the number and severity of offenses. It can be 3 hours, 7 hours, 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days, and 21 days. Temporary ban is lifted automatically. 

Temporary block can:

  •  limit all actions of your account;
  •  limit a specific type of action;
  •  ask for password confirmation;
  •  limit your posts from appearing in your followers’ feed by location and/or hashtags – a so called shadowban.

When under a ban, avoid multiple repetitions of the same actions. This can create suspicion among spam filters again. After the ban is lifted, start slow. Do not rush getting your account up to speed. Such a surge of activity will attract Instagram’s attention. 

Permanent ban

Instagram bans accounts forever for serious offenses or after several temporary bans. 

Getting unbanned from a permanent ban is unlikely. If your page is enqueued for deletion, contact Instagram’s support. Inform them that your account is blocked, share the link and ask to explain the reason of the ban. Study the reason and present proof of a false ban. If you really did spam and use bulk messaging, however, then you have now lost your sales channel with all its clients.

Spamming is, therefore, a useless and dangerous idea. In fact, users decide to mark messages as spam as soon as after the fifth irrelevant message. Implementing a chat bot in Instagram is not worth it. Even if you do, it will be faulty and will attract the attention of moderators.