Working in Bitrix24

The basic mechanics of the ligament work:

In order to write to an existing client, you need to go to the lead card or to a contact and press the WAZZUP button in the action menu. On small screens, the button leaves for “more”, so you have to do one click more:

After that, the chat window opens and you can correspond. There you can attach documents or pictures – everything will come to your client right in WhatsApp. In addition to files and images from the client, you can receive: geo-tags – they will come in the form of a link to GoogleMaps; contact cards – come as plain text; voice messages – you can listen to them right there.
Messages should be written in the bottom window, they are sent by pressing Enter, if you want to send a document or a picture – press the “attach” button.
Everything is quite intuitive and familiar. All the customer’s phones from the card on the left (on the narrow screens you have to press the “burger button” in the upper right corner), you can choose which number you want to write to.

Each message shows via which channel in WAZZUP the message came from the client and via which channel the message were sent.
On the screenshot, the channel is called “Los Pollos Hermanes” – this name is set in the editing channels. If you have multiple channels connected – you can choose from which you want to correspond, the channel switch is in the bottom right corner, above the send button. Each outgoing message has an author, his name is substituted in the message header. The name is automatically pulled from the employee’s profile, on the screenshots of the manager’s name is Los Pollos. If you open the same dialog in the WAZZUP interface, all names will be replaced with Bitrix24, in order to avoid confusion with internal users in WAZZUP.

When the client is the first to write to you in WhatsApp (how to achieve this we have a separate article), a new contact is created. The notifications come in the same way and you need to go to the card and press WAZZUP in the action menu to start corresponding with him. Notifications:

For all new messages from customers you receive notifications in a special chat called “Wazzup – notifications”. This chat is created automatically when you install the WAZZUP application and at first there is only one employee in it – the one who installed the application. You need to add those who are to correspond to the chat room so they will see and hear notifications of new messages.
The principle of chatting: for each client number, one line is created. This line indicates how many unread messages you have. If the number of messages increases, then the figure simply changes, and the line remains one for each client. On the screenshot there are incoming messages from two clients, it is clear that one of them wrote one message, the second three:

The principle of working with chat notifications is simple – there should be nothing in the chat.


This means the following: only those clients who have not yet been responded to are shown in the chat (the logic simple: if the client writes something, then most likely he does not just play fool, but wants something from you and you should react). The line with this client from the chat notification will vanish as soon as at least one of the managers writes to the client an answer.
If, after entering into correspondence with the client, the employee discovers that there is nothing to say, then you can press a specially designed for such moments button – “nothing to say”, in this case, the chat with the client will also disappear from the notification chat and will not distract anyone


When one of the employees has a WAZZUP chat with the client, it is considered that this employee sees all the messages and is having a dialogue with the client, so the messages do not come to the general chat room of notifications. The notifications wil lcome to all the rest employees in two cases:

1. employee closed the chat with the client
2. 5 minutes has passed, and there is no response from the employee (no outgoing message was sent or the button “nothing to answer” has not been pressed). We encount this case as one in which the employee is distracted, and the client is waiting for an answer.

Chating history:
In order to make the correspondence via WAZZUP appear in the context of other activities and interactions with the client, all messages are duplicated by the comments that come to the feed. In the feed all the message are “upside down” relative to the usual messengers – the latest are on top:

That’s all. If you are not yet connected to Bitrix, then we have an instruction for this.


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