Wazzup channels’ rules and statuses

After adding a channel in WAZZUP, the service attracts the number of the added phone and creates a strong and inextricable link between them – it is necessary for everything to work clearly when there are several channels. Here are several rules:

1. One channel = one specific phone number in WhatsApp.
2. When adding a new number to the service, you need to create a new channel, rather than add to the old one.
3. If you want to disconnect from the service number, you need to go to channel editing and click there simply remove the check from the box “active”. You do not need to delete numbers, because messages are tied to it and a confusion may arise.
4. You can not replace the number from the channel, you can only turn off unnecessary channels and add new ones.
5. After creating the channel, you can rename it and the name will be replaced everywhere.
6. If you added a number, then they did not use it for a while, then you need connect it to the channel where this number is specified.

WhatsApp channels have different statuses, focusing on them you can understand if everything is good or what you need to do if something is wrong:

Active – the best status. It means that everything works as it should, there are no problems.
Wait a minute – a temporary service status, you have to wait for one of the permanent statuses.
Off – means that you have disabled your channel from the service and no messages are coming. To enable, go to edit and click “Enable channel” there.
Not paid for – you ran out of money on the balance – you need to replenish and all unconnected channels will immediately start working, uploading all messages from the moment of disconnection.
Scan the QR code – either it’s a new channel or the “exit from all devices” button has been pressed in the phone. Click on the link, scan the code and everything will work.
Enable here – someone somewhere has entered this number via whatsApp Web. To resume work, you just need to click (at this point in another place will turn off).
No connection with the phone – the battery in the phone has gone off or the Internet has disappeared. It is necessary to check the cellphone. Everything will work within three minutes, as soon as the phone goes online. All messages will be uploaded.
Something went wrong – this is a system message in case of emergency. No one has ever seen it, but if you suddenly are the first one – then just write in support.

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