Tariff plans

In WAZZUP there are 3 tariff plans for connecting to WhatsApp and 2—for connecting to Instagram:

  • Start plan – €1.5 per day per channel
  • Pro plan – €3 per day per channel
  • Max plan – €6 per day per channel

Start plan is suitable for receiving messages (for example from a site) and is suitable for clients who do not need to send pictures and files (text only is enough).
The tariff has 2 restrictions:
– You cannot write to the client first, so you cannot start the dialogue till the client writes to you;
– You cannot send pictures and files, but you can receive everything without restrictions.

Pro plan has no functional limitations, and the maximum message load per channel is 1200 outgoing messages per hour. This is enough for a simultaneous work of 3-5 managers with very active correspondence.

 Max plan is suitable for companies with august message load of up to 3600 outgoing messages from one number per hour. This plan is necessary when there are many employees working at the same time so the Pro plan is not enough or if you are using some automatisation (robots or SalesBot).

The payment is daily, at each midnight the fee for the next 24 hours is paid, so we can draw a conclusion

  • If some channel has been paid off for  the current day – it can be used till 23.59
    All channels that are turned on will be automatically paid off for the next day (if you have enough money on your balance)
  • If the balance runs out of money, then only those channels that can be paid off will be paid off ( if the sum is equal that the channels would be chosen randomly. If there is not enough money for any channel – all the channels will turn off.
  • 10 days of one channel’s operation costs as much as one day of ten channels operation if the plan is the same.

We have free integration with Bitrix24, amoCRM and Planfix for all accounts. The access to the service by API is also free for all plans.

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