Integration settings with Bitrix24

In order to maximally adjust to the rules and processes in the company, the integration of WAZZUP-Bitrix24 has several important settings. You can find the settings menu in the Bitrix interface by clicking on Applications (1) – More (2) – WAZZUP (3):


Read all the options carefully and configure the integration in the way which is convenient for your.

1.What entity to create after receiving a message from a number which is not present in Bitrix?

  • Lead
  • Contact
  • Contact and at the same time a deal for him

For this setting, the default setting is to create a contact.

Choose the option that is customary to create in your company. When you receive messages from numbers that are already in your database – new entities will not be created, and all correspondence will attach to existing leads or contacts. If two or more deals are opened at one contact, correspondence will be available in all deals simultaneously.


2.Who should be appointed responsible for the new contact from WAZZUP?

  • The first respondent
  • Specific users

For this setting, the default value is the first responder.

This setting distributes orders from WAZZUP. There is no complex distribution, you can choose from two options – either the fastest: the one who will answer first; or pre-assign specific users. If you select the second option, a table appears, in which you can select the responsible employees. The list includes all channels that are not intentionally turned off in WAZZUP. If you select the responsible chat-bots on one of the channels, then the first responding employee will automatically be responsible for this channel.


3.Who should be notified about new messages from an existing lead or contact?

  • Always notify the general chat
  • Always notify the responsible one
  • Notify the responsible one if he is available.

For this setting the default value is “always notify the general chat”.

In some companies the leads or contacts are fixed uniquely with a specific manager, but other has a shift work. If you select “always notify the general chat” – the notification will always come there, and all who are added to this chat room will see it, hear it and will be able to react.
If you select the item “ Always notify the responsible one” – then as soon as the contact or the lead get a responsible manager, all the notification will come only to the responsible person, and other employees will not see and hear it.

The latter option is understandable from the title, the notification depends on the fact: is the employee online or not. If the responsible is not – the notification will be forwarded to the general chat channel. Is the employee online or not is determined by whether he had pressed the “start the shift” button or not.

4.How to group WAZZUP messages in the Relationship Feed (in the comments)?

  • Do not group
  • Once per hour
  • Once a day

For this setting the default value is “do not group”.

The more active the correspondence with clients – the more messages, the more messages – the harder it is to find something else on the feed. Choose the option that will be the most convenient for managers.

Do not group – each incoming and outgoing WAZZUP message will create a separate comment in the feed; when grouping once an hour – there will be one big comment with all the messages received during that hour; and when grouping once a day – one giant comment once a day.

5.For this setting the default value is that all channels are accessible for all. This item has no choice of options, but is a board with the intresection of users with channels. Each cell can have three values:

  • Not available – means that this employee can not write anything to anyone via this channel
  • Available – means that the employee has access and can correspond
  • If the employee has only one available channel – it is considered as the default channel. The default channel is a value that is needed only if the employee has two or more channels available. It is the channel from which employee’s messages will be sent, unless he himself wants to switch to some other one, which is available for him. There can be only one default channel for each employee.

This setting is needed to limit the ability of employees to write from channels. Be careful with this setting, if you accidentally assign someone who does not have access to this channel (point 2) through the channel, there will be a stupid situation.

6. Automatical conveting to phone numbers to RF format “+7”

  • Leave as is
  • Convert

For this setting, the default is to leave it as it is. Important: if there are customers in your customer base not from Russia, you must not switch to the “convert” position. This setting is aimed at facilitating the work of managers in the Russian Federation, where they often record numbers starting from the eight, and WhatsApp understands only the international format +7. In the end, it turns out that you need to either rewrite all the numbers manually, or just turn on this setting.

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