Will WhatsApp ban our number or not?

The answer is: it does not bother you if you do not spam. This means the following: if you send a lot of messages to people that they do not expect these messages, then many one of them will necessarily click the “spam” button. When there will be some critical number of messages WhatsApp will decide that you are a malicious spammer and will really ban your number forever. When will this exactly happen? We do not know for sure, WhatsApp does not disclose its algorithms because of obvious reasons.

We have done a number of experiments, and here are the three most interesting ones:

  • First, we created a new account in WhatsApp and began sending out a message to our friends with two words in it: “buy an elephant”.
    Friends knew about the experiment and they purposely pressed “spam” when they received a message, and informed us that they did.
    We sent one message every five minutes. We managed to send 14, while we received 11 messages to another number that people clicked “spam”.
    After that, the number got banned.
  • In the second experiment, we again created a new account in WhatsApp and sent out a “hello” message to all numbers in a row (in the literal sense). The sending speed was 3 messages per minute, on the 15000th numbers we got bored and stopped, the number was still not banned. The result is something like this: 4,500 subscribers out of 15,000 have WhatsApp account (or had) were sent a message (30% of the pool of numbers in a row). During the experiment, the message was delivered to approximately 3,500 subscribers – 75% of those who had an account. It was read about 3200 – 91% of the delivered, and almost 80% of people who read – answered (mostly “who is it”), it was more than 2500.
  • In the last experiment, we sent a neutral picture with a congratulation on the new year (although it was in early February), also from a new account in WhatsApp, but only to those who already had a WhatsApp application (we took them from the previous experiment). After the 300th delivery, the number got banned. We do not know how many people pressed “spam”.

What to do with this knowledge – decide for yourself. We can recommend 100% protection against being banned: customers should write to the number first. We have a separate article about how to achieve this result. During normal working correspondence (the client waits for your message and does not click spam) you can write a lot of outcoming messages, obviously, more than 200 per day and the number will not be banned.

Well, a lawyer time: WAZZUP is just a service to transfer messages from customers. WAZZUP does not read customer reports and does not take responsibility for the consequences in any form. Use of the service at your own risk.

What about data security?

Answer: everything is in order, nothing threatens you. The database with client messages is encrypted using the Triple-DES algorithm. The key from the database is in the application, and the application and the database are in different datacenters. In case of the collapse of the main servers, the database is replicated in real-time to a backup location, which is located in another DC.
Employees and support have access only to the admin panel, in which there are no messages in any form, only statuses, and settings.

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