Manual Bitrix24 application installation

This article is for those who do not have our application in the marketplace. It will take a little time, but nothing particularly complicated.

So, in the Bitrix go to Applications (1) – add application (2) – My account only (3):

You should fill the name of the application and the name of the menu item. The name itself is not important (but the easiest way to write just WAZZUP), but filling in the box of your Bitrix localization is a must-do. The screenshot is for EN zone:

Then you must fill in the access rights for the application. You should be very careful, if you do not put at least one of the jackdaws — the app will not work. You need to fill in:

• Application embedding
• Creating and managing Chat bots
• Users
• Chat and Notifications

Here are these 5 items:

In the box for the link, copy this: and press save:


You will be redirected to the page “My applications” after that. The code and the key from the line will be needed soon:


Now you should go to the WAZZUP interface. You need to go to the settings – integration. Scroll to the Bitrix section. In the window you need to put your Bitrix domain and click on ” manual install”:


In the additional fields that appear, you need to copy client_id and client_secret, which were to be copied from the Bitrix (check the screenshot above). Then click on “connect”:

Further, if you are not authorized in Bitrix, a window will pop up asking for the login and password of yours, you should log in

After that you will be redirected to the page with the following inscription:


This means that everything went well, congratulations. At the same time, Bitrix will create a notification chat. Do not remove it – it will come in handy. We have a separate article about working via Bitrix, be sure to read it carefully.

Attention: Our application works correctly only from a “new” lead card or contact. How to check and switch is explained in a separate short article.