How to add a channel

Every WhatsApp number connected  to our service we call a channel. There can be as many channels as you like in one account. To add a channel to your account, go to the settings:

Next channels section and there click the plus sign:

In the pop-up window, you need to select the time period of messages you have received before and now want to upload to the service, and write a friendly name for the channel. If you have several channels – this name will be convenient to navigate, but your customers will never see this name. Click “create”.

After that, you need to wait a little until the phrase “scan QR code” appears.

In the meantime, prepare for scanning. You need to scan via a standard WhatsApp application, not just a QR code scanner. Go in WhatsApp on the phone, in the top right corner you will see three points, in the pop-up menu click WhatsApp Web, then click “scan QR code” or on top will be a plus sign – click there; sometimes a scanner opens immediately.

In WAZZUP yu should press the appeared inscription ” scan QR code”. Well,  you should scan then. Within 30 seconds the status “Active” will appear – it means that everything went well. In a few minutes the old messages will be uploaded (the longer the selected period, the longer the upload). That is all.

Important notice: the service will operate with the exact number of the phone, which you will scan the code. About the principles of operation and status of the WhatsApp channels read in the next series.

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